Knife-wielding feminists attack pro-life activist, threaten future slashings


Photo credit: Mariusz Dzierżawski

Liberals are growing increasingly violent. A pro-life activist in Poland found that out when two notorious abortion activists attacked him with a knife, and slashed up his display.

The pair, Martyna Równiak and Natalia Jakacka pounced on Mariusz Dzierżawski of Poland’s Right to Life Foundation after he legally parked a vehicle with a pro-life display outside the hospital where they work.

After threatening him with the blade, they slashed apart his “Hospitals without Abortionists” display. They bragged about their violent assault online, LifeSiteNews reports, exchanging ideas on how to eliminate “Hospitals without Abortionists” and vowing to carry out future knife attacks.

Dzierżawski was able to photograph the feminists threatening him with the knife.

Równiak is a member of the Medical Students for Choice, and Jakacka, according to pro-lifers, has lobbied for access to the so-called emergency contraception ellaOne,” LifeSiteNews reports.  Jakacka is still employed by the hospital where she carried out the attack.

Równiak Facebook page, called “The Hater’s View” includes multiple photos of herself participating in anti-Trump demonstrations in Poland, as well as photos of other vandalized and destroyed pro-life displays.

  • scott

    filthy liberal pigs think they are better than men.they need to be and will be knocked out just as any other low life liberal scumbag.dont stop stomping on their head until its nothing but a stain on the sidewalk. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a3951a6b418dd6e62e4d48b20fcbeaefc42fea3efd9ec07ea303b6e64c21a10.jpg


    AHHHHHHHHH. The OH SO TOLERANT LEFTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    The Leftists can’t win an argument with evidence and reason, so they resort to naked force to try to get their way. The use of satanic means means they have satanic ends, and is all the more reason never to allow them anywhere near any lever of power.

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