Senate poised to approve this massive Agenda 21-style land grab


Congress may snatch over 100,000 acres of private property, without just compensation, under an Agenda 21-style “water compact.”

Under the “Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Water Compact,” Montana farmers, ranchers and property owners would cede many of their property and water rights, without receiving the just compensation required under the Fifth Amendment. The treaty between the state of Montana, the Confederates Salish and Kootenai Trtibes, and the United States government is now before the United State Senate for ratification.

The scheme imposes “sustainable development” mandates on property owners, and implements other components of the United Nations’ “Agenda 21” plan to “rewild” much of the United States by declaring land off-limits to human activity, such as homes, farms and ranches.

For example, under the treaty the CSKT have the power to shut off water access to thousands of Montanans, robbing them of their property rights and devastating the state’s economy.

“The CSKT, which the Department of Interior’s (DOI’s) Bureau of Indian Affairs recently placed in control of the Flathead Irrigation System in violation of federal statute, has expressed its intention to suspend operations of the pumping stations along the Flathead River that flow to numerous feeder canals and lateral irrigation canals throughout the Reservation, consistent with the tribe’s aboriginal rights,” attorney Lawrence Kogan notes.

“Severely diminished water flows will adversely affect the land and appurtenant water rights held by, and consequently, the economic interests of, farmers and ranchers operating on and downstream from the Reservation, whose crops and grazing lands will perish and whose cattle and beef production will materially suffer,” said Kogan.

Many tribal members are opposed to the treaty, but report they have been threatened if they speak out.

All of that has Montanans outraged and fighting back. Conservative leader Robert Fanning, who had led the fight in Montana against the re-introduction of invasive wolves, has formed “Regulatory Lawfare Relief” to fight the treaty’s ratification.

“If this things passes, if there’s one lawyer alive and breathing in the state of Montana, he will litigate,” Fanning warned state legislators, who were bullied into approving it under threat of lawsuits.

“This area is the tip of the spear in the fight for freedom,” Fanning tells patriots. “This is not just about your water; this is about private property, and this is about national security.”

  • mthammer

    Let them come and try to take any land or water rights from the property Owners. We know what happened last time , however that was under Obama , this time in the Trump Administration it won’t happen. That’s from my Senators Mouths , so we don’t need to be alarmed

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