Fake News Scandal: Networks caught faking data to cover up plunging ratings


Image Credit: HypnoArt CCO Public Domain

America thinks the mainstream media are all liars and cheats.

And the mainstream media keep proving them right.  Rocked by collapsing ratings as American tune out the Fake News liars, network news departments have just been caught cheating to falsely inflate viewership numbers.

Specifically, networks are intentionally misspelling the names of their news programs as they appear in Neilsen ratings to manipulate the data.

As Mediate reports:

“World News Tonight has come so close to besting Nightly News that on the Friday night before Memorial Day weekend (a notoriously slow news day), it seems that NBC retitled their program to ‘Nitely News.’ This effectively took that low ratings day out of weekly average, which was just enough to — you guessed it — keep Nightly News ahead of World News Tonight for the week in total viewers…

…According to research available at the time of publishing, had Nightly News‘ ratings average been based on the full five days of last week — as was ABC’s — and did not retitle Friday’s program — then World News Tonight would have won the week by roughly 37,000 viewers head-to-head. But the shrewd manner by which NBC retitled Friday’s show dropped their lowest-rated day of the average which pulled NBC’s program ahead of ABC’s by 264,000. Oddly, had ABC also retitled their Friday show (dropping the least viewed day out of their weekly average) NBC would have also won the week. Got it?

That’s cheating.

The Washington Free Beacon looked into the scandal and found it’s a widespread practice by Fake News.

“NBC has misspelled its shows’ names 14 times this season, but ABC News has aired seven episodes of ‘Wrld New Tonite’ and CBS has aired twelve episodes of ‘Evening Nws,'” the Beacon reports.

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