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Whose side is the Tuesday group on?


On any day of the week, you can expect to find the Tuesday Group causing trouble within the GOP. This caucus of around 50

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Republican have one thing in common, they are barely Republicans. While this centrist group was once proud of its moderate approach to conservatism, in recent debates they have lost their fiscal security to become a rogue actor in the party they claim membership.

With a newfound majority, in 1994 the Republican Party was ignited by a conservative ideology; but to act as a counterweight, a group of 40 Republicans created the Tuesday Group. These moderate Republicans were from primarily Democratic states such as New York and New Jersey, and were united by fiscal conservatism and more centrist social ideology.

Yet the group that once assisted with welfare reform and impeaching a president, is now preventing Republican legislation from moving through Congress. Rather than moderating the conservative movement, the Tuesday group has switched to stalling it completely.

The 2018 budget could be the Republican majority’s only opportunity to institute necessary spending cuts; however, in a letter penned by Representative Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) and signed by 20 Tuesday Group members, the caucus shared immediate rejection of cuts to mandatory spending.

With the nation remaining $20 trillion in debt and Republicans hoping to increase defense spending by $50 billion to meet national security needs, cuts to mandatory spending are simply necessary to offset the costs.

Where is the fiscal responsibility that once made the Tuesday Group members Republicans when important cuts must be made?

Elsewhere, as Republicans work to use their majority to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Tuesday Group has provided significant pushback. Now with 50 members, the group was enough to prevent the American Health Care Act (AHCA), House Speaker Paul Ryan’s replacement plan for Obamacare, from passing through the House on its first try.

Despite almost all of the group voting in favor of full repeal in February 2015, Vox media’s Dylan Scott reports that this time, the Tuesday Group seems to no longer be in favor of a full repeal. Much of the group wants to keep Obamacare’s core insurance reforms, while others are worried about cuts to Medicaid.

While Conservative Freedom Caucus also found issue with the AHCA, they were quick to the negotiating table. The only reason this legislation passed in the House at all, was because Freedom Caucus leaders and Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), co-chairman of the Tuesday Group, agreed on an amendment to the original legislation.

However, this simple compromise came at a price — MacArthur resigned as chairman just days later, because his own caucus was furious that he worked to the other side. A group of Republicans were furious with their caucus leader, because he worked with other Republicans on the GOP’s top campaign issue for seven years running. Think about that for a minute.

The Hill reported that in closed-door meetings, Tuesday Group lawmakers warned MacArthur against negotiating with Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, providing no room for compromise or even progress on the issue. The Tuesday Group has allowed no room for compromise with Conservatives in the party yet, is unclear of their own views as well.

A Republican health care lobbyist told Scott, “The challenge in negotiating with the ‘Tuesday Group’ is that it’s not and never was intended to operate as a bloc the same way the [Freedom Caucus] tries to operate. So, it’s a bit like negotiating with Jell-O.”

This was the exact problem MacArthur realized he could not deal with, in his remarks to the group, MacArthur explained, “Clearly, our group is divided. Many in the Tuesday Group are eager to live up to our ideal of being problem-solvers, while others seem unwilling to compromise… I’m going to continue to govern the way I believe the American people need us to govern. That means we engage with the Freedom Caucus. We engage with everybody.”

Eventually, it was the compromise that MacArthur negotiated that enabled the House to pass legislation repealing and replacing Obamacare.

But on the budget, will such unity be possible when it comes to offsetting spending cuts?

If the Tuesday Group no longer stands by the basic conservative economic principles of cutting spending, limiting government entitlements, and focusing on national security; they are Republicans in name only and that is not enough.

The Tuesday Group attempted to bring down Republican efforts healthcare, and now they are doing the same to the budget, despite not offering any alternate plans. How can they pretend to be a wing of the Republican Party if they in no way align with the party’s campaign promises? Rather than being a voice of moderation, they are simply a voice of dissent, refusing to even communicate with conservatives.

Now, with no major platform and no room for negotiation, the Tuesday Group is singling itself out as the obstacle to progress — attempting to destroy this once in a lifetime opportunity for the Republican majority to govern. What the American people must remind them is that it is their seats in moderate districts that will be most in danger for losses in 2018 should the Republican Party fail to govern as a majority should — by keeping its campaign promises.

This is a guest post by Natalia Castro a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.
  • Robert

    Just maybe those you call RINO’s are doing what they are supposed to do what is best for the whole country not what is best for just a few, that do not want to look at the whole picture just the part that suits them.

    • Free America

      Like changing their positions to suit their ends. Like preventing Republicans from keeping their promise to voters. Like saying your a Republican but working in support of a DEmocrat agenda. Like being a hypocrite and a liar.

      • Robert

        Free America
        I do think those that you call RINO’s do have a mind of their own not a sheep being led by others. Most RINO’s are looking at the whole picture not just one little part like some one never seeing the flowers because they are to busy looking at the nudes. I call it an American agenda, doing what is best for all Americans not just what is best for a small number, and Trumps approval rating proves that the Majority even in his own party do not agree with him on his agenda.
        I do believe the Constitution says that the Congress and the President are supposed to work together to do the will of the people and according to the Federalist Papers that means what the Majority want done. I do think that the Party has always said they want the Constitution followed and that is why I joined the party 60+ years ago.

        • Free America

          I think you are confusing Rinos with conservatives. Conservatives have a mind of their own not a sheep being led by others. Rinos are doing the Dems bidding while calling themselves Republicans.

          • Robert

            Free America
            You mean to say that RINOs are not following what you think is important. The Majority of the Population want a Socialized health care system know as Single payer system like used in most of the world with a great success. World Health Organization the most trusted in the world rates the quality of health care in a country and we are #37 up rom as low as 43 before Obama Care. http://thepatientfactor.com/canadian-health-care-information/world-health-organizations-ranking-of-the-worlds-health-systems/
            On tax cuts most know that the rich only pay at most 20% tax rate because their money comes from investments just like most of mine does, and there is no Corporation or Company who pays the 36% tax everyone quotes most pay less than the 20% the rich lay do to Corporate welfare.
            It would be a great help if persons would do research and find the truth instead of listening and never looking up the facts on a subject.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Free America

            I am an American and would NEVER embrace socialized medicine or socialism. We are a capitalist country and will stay that way. This is the very reason people risk all to come here.

          • Robert

            Free America
            You can complain all you want but Socialism in here and it will gradually be total in a bout 5 years, no country without industry can survive without Socialism policies.
            People risk all to come here the same reason they risk all to go to Socialist Countries. To get away from war, criminal activity or laws in their country that target them.
            Just show me on bit of Capitalism in the USA, it is Corporate welfare and nothing to do with Capitalism, Capitalism is the mom and pop businesses and home work shops not what we have here in the USA. Yes at one time we were the Capitalist Country of choice but now we are a corporate entity because big Corporations have driven Capitalism out so they can have it all.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Free America

            If what you believe were true Hillary would be in the WH not Trump.BTW who risks all to go to Socialists countries? Lots of celebs threatened to leave when a socialist wasn’t elected but of course it was all bull.

          • Robert

            Free America
            The reason Clinton is not in the White House has nothing to do with Socialism, the 2016 election had the lowest overall turnout in the past 50 years and the Democratic turnout was the lowest in the past 80 years, no one wanted to vote for either candidate, and a lot more of the Democrats did not want to vote for Clinton than Republicans for Trump, I ddi not vote for either Presidential Candidate but did support the rest of the Republican line up.
            How any one could vote for anyone with so much negative baggage to be President is beyond me, maybe they do not care about the Constitution like a lot of the non voters. I am looking forward to the same thing in the mid term or in 2020. we have got to get our act together and Trump start acting like the President of the USA.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

  • scott
  • jerry1944

    Geee that is easy when one says they are a mod . that means they are a dem but dont really want ppl to know it So guess whos side they would be on in the long run

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