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Hungary moves to shut down all Soros operations there


Image credit: World Economic Forum
Photo by Sebastian DerungsCC by SA 2.0

One country is sick and tired of being attacked by George Soros, and is now taking action to shut down his political activities there.

In an exclusive report, The Daily Caller writes:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrapped up a six-week anti-Soros campaign Saturday. The streets of Budapest have been filled with posters and billboards of the Hungarian-born billionaire with the caption “Don’t let Soros get the last laugh!”

The campaign follows a series of moves to halt Soros’ operations in the country. The government argues that Soros is pushing for a one million migrant influx to Europe per year.

“The campaign you are referring to seeks to draw attention to the threat which George Soros represents on the issue of immigration – namely his standpoint that the borders of Europe must open up to immigrants,” Orban spokesman Zoltan Kovacs tells the Caller.

A panicking Soros bizarrely claims he is being attacked because of his Jewish ancestry, a charge Hungary flatly denies. “We would like to emphasize, however, that the poster campaign has nothing to do with Mr. Soros’s religious affiliation – if indeed he has any.”

“The Hungarian standpoint is that illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security,” Kovacs told TheDCNF. “We shall mobilize the political and legal power of the Hungarian state against anyone who undermines the security of Hungary – regardless of their origins, religious affiliation or wealth.”

A major part of Hungary’s plan is forced disclosure of political spending.  Here in the United States, such measures are championed by liberals, as it would have a greater impact on conservative groups.

However, Soros may have forfeited his U.S. citizenship, and could have his U.S. operations closed on those legal grounds.

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