House GOP cancels hearing into Obama unmasking of Trump


Image Credit: DonkeyHotey CC by 2.0

Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser will not be answering questions under oath about the illegal release of information intended to harm President Trump.

A scheduled hearing in which the House Intelligence Committee would take sworn testimony from Susan Rice was abruptly postponed Monday.

No reason was given for the cancellation.

Fox News reports:

…Rice had been expected to face tough questions on her role in the matter while serving as then-President Barack Obama’s national security adviser. Trump alleges Rice may have committed a crime by asking government analysts to disclose the names of his associates documented in intelligence reports…

…The panel is leading one of several investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 White House race, which have engulfed the Trump administration and evolved to include questions about whether anybody on Trump’s campaign team colluded with the Kremlin to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan last week told Fox News that he wants Rice to answer the basic question: “Did you unmask the names and if so why?”

He also argued that Americans indeed deserve to know the truth about the Trump associates but they also want answers from high-ranking Obama administration officials who may have misled Americans on critical matters — including Rice, as U.S. ambassador to the U.N., saying the fatal 2012 Benghazi terror attacks were largely “sparked” by an anti-Muslim video.

“The American people want to get the truth on all of these issues,” said Jordan. He also raised concerns about how Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch handled the Clinton email investigation and whether James Comey exposed classified information in an apparent effort to retaliate against Trump firing him as FBI director.

What do you think?  Did she suddenly refuse to appear?  Have Republicans decided to drop the probe?  Or is she cutting a deal with prosecutors?

Let us know in the comments!

  • Carol

    I suggest it be none of the above reasons. WE THE PEOPLE Must know what really went on with the BO administration, regarding Trump. And we demand an OPEN hearing……no behind closed doors. We want the whole story, not bits and pieces or FAKE NEWS!

  • Bill Godsey

    The investigation should continue until all of Obamas illegal acts are uncovered.

  • Scrip Hub

    She excused herself from the meeting because she knows she is guilty. This women performed all of Obama and Clintons criminal activity and covered it up with lies.
    We all know this to be true with the Bengazi cover up and her lieing to the American people blaming the deaths of 4 brave Americans on a ridiculous video in order to save the re-election of the worst President in history. The truth shall set us free. I pray that the truth will finally be revealed about these liberal criminals and justice will be served

    • Robert

      Scrip Hub
      I do think the committee called the meeting off not Rice, most likely because Meuller does not want telling something that he is investigating.
      What she said about Benghazi was what she was told to say by the department lawyers, I can guarantee you the truth will never be known, because the Ambassador was there on a covert mission, Ambassadors in hostile countries go no where without their security detail made up of former special forces, and in a large convoy. The security detail thought the Ambassador was still in the Embassy as did the Station Chief who is top CIA, if he had known the Ambassador was in Benghazi then he would have notified the CIA in Benghazi and they did not even know the Ambassador was there until the S**t hit the fan. Why keep dragging up something that was settled a long time ago by the party’s own investigations into the matter.

      • Scrip Hub

        During the 2012 election, Obama campaigned around the country with these words: “Bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the run”
        This is all he had to run on because his record was crap! The only record he had was spending more money than all the previous presidents combined, lowest home ownership rate in 52 years, one in four living below the poverty level, the lowest labor participation rate in 70 years with 96 million Americans no longer in the workforce…to name a few.
        The last thing the liberals wanted one month before the election was for the American voter to know we had a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 911 which took the lives of 4 Americans including our Ambassador. The experts and our military leaders said these men could have rescued. These 4 men died to save an election and there is blood on some hands. You are right….Rice was doing what she was told to do….lie to the families of the victims and to the American people. The truth will come out when we all stand before the Lord on judgement day and that day is coming very soon.

        • Robert

          Scrip Hub
          I do suppose you can look at anything any way you like, but the facts are Obama Administration brought the country back from the housing bubble crash to a moderate economy.
          You first mistake is that Obama did not spend more money than other Presidents, most that Obama Administration spent was on agreements made by the Bush Administration, check it out your self. Why would home ownership not be low with all the industry moving to CHEAP LABOR not because of taxes and regulations, and that started 20 years ago not just in the Obama Administration.
          Now how could there be a big work force when Corporations were leaving and not because of Obama Administration unless he was in power 20 years earlier when the exits started.
          Now Benghazi. no Ambassador can be sent anywhere he does not want to go, and the Ambassador in hostile countries never moves with out his security which in most cases is between 12 and 20 ex Special Forces contracted, and not even the Ambassador can release his security detail, now the Security detail and the Station Chief who is CIA thought the Ambassador was still in the embassy, and if the Station chief had know that the Ambassador was going to Benghazi then he would have notified the CIA there to take care of the Ambassador, but the CIA in Benghazi had no idea the Ambassador was there until the S*it hit the fan. This was a total covert operation and investigated 4 different times by the Republicans in Congress and found nothing wrong, Covert operations are only known by the people involved in them so there is no leaks and I doubt if the President or Secretary of State even knew about the Operation. What the 4 persons family’s were told, was what Clinton or anyone else was told to tell them, nothing gets released unless cleared by many levels.
          Any one who has been in a hostile country where we have an Ambassador would tell you the same thing I am saying. Or worked in Government you can not make a statement unless cleared through many channels.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Scrip Hub

            9 trillion in debt when he took office and 19.5 trillion when he left.
            52 million not participating in the workforce when he took office, 97 million not in the workforce when he left. One out of 6 living below the poverty level when he took office, one out 4 when he left. 28 million on food stamps when he took office, 50 million when he left. Home ownership at an all time high when he took office, at a 52 year low when he left. Destroyed our health care system with the average premium up 400% over the last 3 years. 34 million Americans paid a tax penalty this year due to not having health insurance because they couldn’t afford the premium. I was paying $215 per month for my health insurance prior to Obama Care with a $1000 deductible, I now pay $695 per month with a $6,700 deductible. Anyone with a brain could look at these numbers and know Obama bankrupt our country. A typical liberal like yourself is always blaming it on someone else and still trying to put the blame on Bush a decade later. Just like Hillary blaming her loss on everything but her own corrupt criminal activity with a 35 year track record of so many scandals it would take hours to mention them all. Wake up!!

          • Robert

            Scrip Hub
            You can find any kind of fault with any one you want but you should back it up with facts as to why it is the way it is. The facts being that when Obama took office Bush had signed so many binding agreements like the troop with draw from Iraq and committed the US to so much debt that Obama administration had to pay.
            Corporations moving out of the country to CHEAP LABOR now what could Obama administration do about that are you willing to work for 75 cents an hour, and I do not see any change with Trump I do not see Trump moving his companies back to the USA, so if there is no jobs how are the people supposed to live. Home ownership took a big hit with the housing bubble burst and the down sizing of industry, people were underwater in their houses because they did not look to the future just kept borrowing against the property to buy other things, that being their fault not the Obama Administration
            This country has needed a medical insurance that covered everyone not just the few who could afford it, since WWII every administration has tried to out in a National Health program and failed until Obama Administration, The USA has been sucking hind teat with the rest of the world when it comes to Medical coverage, in the world we are #37 up from #39 because of Obama Care. The insurance company I ham heavily invested in was going to raise rates by up to 20% this year and still are in there is Obama Care or not, it is not the Obama Care it is the Insurance Companies.
            You have something else wrong I have been a republican for over 60+ years but unlike you I do not believe everything that someone tells half the story just enough to stir the pot to upset those that choose to believe everything that is told to them.
            The information is out there all you have to do is search.
            I spent 26 years in the Government retiring as a Bird Col. I believe nothing I am told and only half of what I see, I investigate every angle until I satisfy myself what the real truth is.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Scrip Hub

            You missed your calling. You would make a great Liberal. I am in the insurance industry now for 30 years and I am heavily involved. I can tell you that the rise in premiums is 100% due to Obama Care. Just so you know, my family also owned a mortgage company prior to the bubble
            bursting and it was Bill Clinton that made it mandatory for lending institutions to lift the restrictions and common sense underwriting requirements. For many years, we were giving loans to people that couldnt pay a phone bill, let alone a mortgage payment. Bush had absolutely nothing to do with it. The bubble burst from these bad loans on Bushes watch. Lastly….if our country would stop working against Trump and get behind him….he will bring our jobs back by lowering the ridiculous tax we have imposed on businesses and raising the import tax….the reason they all left.
            Our country is at a tipping point and we need a miracle fixing the debt and employment problem that was created over the last 8 years. Venezuela elected a socialist Democrat very similar to Obama and look at them today. They are eating their pets, cats and dogs to keep from starving to death. May God help us

          • Robert

            Scrip Hub
            The insurance company I am heavily involved in for about $10 million was going to raise their rates this year as much as 20% even if Obama Care was done away with, I do get a lot of inside information but never act on it.
            Now you mentioned about the Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis, not it was directly attributed to the financial deregulation’s act passed in the 1980, making financial institutions less responsible for their actions and I do believe that was Reagan and Bush # 1, The financial institution were not forced to loan to anyone as they are not now it was pure greed on their part to get and make more money, A President can make suggestions to industry but only Congress can make the laws which they di in the 1980 which opened up the practices that brought the crisis.
            The tax on industry was not why they left it was labor costs which when I ran a company for 20 years labor was over 40% of our expenses, even though the corporate tax rate is 35% no corporation has paid over 20% in the last 20 years it is called Corporate Welfare, when Nike who manufactures nothing in this country get over $2 Billion in Corporate Welfare in the form of tax breaks. The Military Industrial complex some have not paid any tax since the Korean War.
            I would also bet you did not know that Reagan and Bush both supported Rebel armies to help overthrow Venezuela and other South American countries, at one time the USA had over 100,000 operatives stirring up unrest in Venezuela alone,
            The only people in Venezuela suffering are the poor, the average and the rich are doing fine. Read some other sources of information, I subscribe to 50 news feeds the world over and have a subscription to the a lot of Government information, in the Library of Congress.
            There are many sources of information besides the Conservative Republican, which only gives one side of anything the same as the Liberal Webb sites I also blog in.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Scrip Hub

            I am not talking about sub prime loans. I was referring to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting guidelines that Clinton opened up for people that should have never been considered for a loan. He made it mandatory for all lending institutions to give a certain percentage of their loans to low to moderate income people with lower credit scores and no money down. For years we knew these people would never be able to maintain a mortgage. I only blame Bush for not overturning these ridiculous underwriting guidelines.
            The Liberal Lame Stream Fake News Media blamed it all on sub prime loans when the majority of the loans were Fannie and Freddie loans. And I totally disagree with you…The majority of the corporations and businesses left due to the corporate tax rate. Many in the last 3 years left not only because of the 35% tax but also because they couldn’t meet the requirement of giving all of their employees over priced health insurance to their full time employees as mandated by the NON- affordable care act. That’s the same reason tens of millions of Americans are forced to work 2 and 3 part time jobs to survive because they can’t find a full time job due to the NON-affordable care act.

          • Robert

            Scrip Hub
            I would be interested to read more I have been doing research on this since you posted it to me, and can find nothing unbiased to support your post, I went to the Congressional investigation and there was nothing there only that greedy Mortgage lenders took extremely risky chances being pushed by the banks who were going to package the sub prime mortgages and sell then it was decided that Freddy Mac and Fannie May would buy from the companies who could not package. The blame in the Congressional Investigation was laid on the Banks and lending institutions.
            There was nothing in the investigation report that said any present politician had any hand in it. I went to a lot of other places also and the only places I could find what you are saying is at Conservative biased sites like Atlantic Magazine and others just like it.
            If you could provide me with unbiased links to the material I would be greatly appreciative.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

  • June G

    The Republican Party is over run with gutless RINOs. The swamp is overflowing. 2018 time for “we the people” to clean house.

  • Scrip Hub

    Drain this nasty criminal infested Swamp!!

  • Ima Barber

    She doesn’t want there to be an “accident” where she ends up dead. She was probably told to keep her mouth shut.

  • markie R

    if there was ever a need for a special council, it would have to be on Obama and all the corruption involved with his usurpation of the government. these people need to go to jail!

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