Russia is a threat. Liberals are even worse.


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Last week, I tweeted, “The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does.”

To my surprise, the tweet went viral. And while there were more likes than dislikes, 99 percent of the written reactions were negative.

Typical reactions were:

–“F— you.”

–“Move to Russia.”

–“Your very full diapers pose a very great danger, please change them.” That received 1,880 likes.

–“I’ve wiped s— off my shoes more trustworthy and patriotic than your sorry a–.” That received 606 likes.

You get the idea.

But it wasn’t the ad hominem insults that I found troubling. What was troubling was the low state of logical thinking that so many responses reflected.

This was exemplified by their reminding me how important a free press is to democracy (as if attacking the behavior of the media were the same as denying the need for a free press); their asking how many nukes the media have compared with Russia (as if a threat to lives were the same as a threat to a civilization); and their thinking that my tweet was about President Donald Trump (he was never mentioned, and the words were just as true when Barack Obama was president).

My tweet was about the Western left undoing Western civilization. My one regret is that I did not mention universities along with the media.

The tweet had nothing to do with the existence of a free press. Attacking what the media is doing is not the same as attacking the existence of the media—any more than attacking Trump is attacking the existence of the presidency.

With regard to Russia having more nukes than the media, those who noted this fact so missed the entire point of the tweet that it is almost breathtaking.

When one speaks about dangers to a civilization, one is speaking ideologically, not physically. Of course, if Russia were to unleash its nuclear weapons against the West, it would kill vast numbers of Westerners.

However, that would no more mean the end of Western civilization than the Holocaust meant the end of Jewish civilization. Civilization connotes a body of ideas and a value system.

Furthermore, a Russian nuclear attack threatening the West’s physical existence is an utterly remote possibility. Russian leaders, just as Soviet leaders before them, fear what is known as MAD (mutually assured destruction).

The real nuclear threat comes from North Korea and, above all, Iran, which constantly announces its intent to exterminate Israel. But while The New York Times cannot stop writing about the threat Russian President Vladimir Putin poses, it accuses Trump of “demonizing” Iran.

The real threat to Western civilization is Western civilization ceasing to believe in itself. And, in that regard, Russia poses no danger, while the left-wing-dominated media and universities pose an existential threat.

That’s why the most depressing of the negative reactions were those from people calling themselves conservatives. If conservatism isn’t about conserving Western civilization first and foremost, what is it about?

Students in college have voted the American flag off their campus. Where did these students learn their unprecedented contempt for America and patriotism, if not from their schools and the media?

European countries continue to welcome in millions of Muslims, adding to the tens of millions of Muslims already in Europe—many of whom, if not most, have no interest in adopting Europe’s values.

Do the critics of my tweet conclude nothing about the left’s role—meaning the role of Western media and academia—in promoting multiculturalism, the doctrine that holds that no cultural, religious, or value system is superior to any other?

At the University of Pennsylvania, its left-wing English department has removed its long-standing portrait of Shakespeare because he was white and male. Is that not a direct hit on Western civilization?

The left-wing prime minister of Canada has proudly announced, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” and that Canada is “the first postnational state.”

What produced him? Putin?

Is it Putin who is removing American flags from American campuses?

Is Putin destroying the notion of male and female?

Has Putin convinced half of America’s millennials that socialism is preferable to capitalism?

Did Putin convince Pope Francis that Islamic terrorists are no more of a threat to Europe than baptized Catholics who kill their girlfriends?

Is Putin the reason Oxford University students voted that Israel is a greater threat to peace than Hamas?

Putin is indeed a murderous quasi dictator. But all this contempt for Western civilization comes from the Western media and the Western universities.

The smoking gun was provided just two weeks ago in the media’s reactions to Trump’s speech in Warsaw, Poland, in which he called for protecting Western civilization.

Virtually the entire Western media said it was a call to protect white racism—because the media deem Western civilization to be nothing more than a euphemism for white supremacy.

That’s what my tweet was about.

Commentary by Dennis Prager. Originally published at The Daily Signal.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    Mr. Prager; You are most certainly in a position to know that those on the left as not properly equipped or prepared for a few things that true civilization demands. They are not prepared for intellectual discussion and debate of issues. As their response to your previous tweet indicated…… attacking YOU, rather than your ideas, were the most popular comments. We can thank our leftist “education” system for that. Reason, logic and proper debate are rarely taught. Banning thoughts, speech and ideas the majority disagrees with is more the norm today. (Thank GOD I went to college when wide ranging debates and discussions was the rule and not the exception) And no doubt the American media does pose an existential threat to our republic since they believe it is their job to shape the thinking of Americans by what and how they report in the news of the day. Long gone are the days when the media truly did their real jobs…… telling people who were not there what happened in an honest and objective way. Now the media advances a radical left wing agenda and their legislative agents in Washington DC lock step with them to drive it forward any way they can.

  • Robert

    The Media has been the same since our Congress changed the way of reporting during WWI and then in WWII they hired two individuals Gabriel Heater and Lowel Thomas to be Commentators to make persons think the war was going much better than it was. Ever since that time all news has been commentary, they put out the facts but they put their own spin on those facts, and some times omit facts if asked by authorities to do so.
    Saying all that the Media still puts out the facts it is just up to the individual to check further into the facts to get all the information and there are 100s of ways to do that.
    It does seem every one on these sites question every thing the news puts out but trusts every tweet coming from Trump when every official have proven them wrong.

  • Eevie

    Putin is not a socialist. He was born and raised in a socialist nation and has expounded in great detail the dangers and downfalls of socialism having witnessed it first hand. It always takes a nation to 3rd world status. There is no growth of any kind….the very fabric of life is ripped by socialism and this is what the liberals are trying to accomplish..not Putin. He is against it…he knows it does not work. The libtards are another story……they want socialism thru sharia law…and to be able to bare their breasts in protests. lol Ignorance or mental illness on their part? Either way it’s wrong.

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