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Trump Cabinet member may resign, and it’s not Sessions


The Trump administration could have its first Cabinet resignation, and it’s not the one for which Trump seems to be pushing.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is “taking some time off” from the position, the State Department announced this week.

“Just taking a little time off,” said spokeswoman Heather Nauert. “He does have the ability to go away for a few days on his own. He’s got a lot of work, he just came back from that mega-trip overseas.”

“He’s entitled to take a few days for himself. The Secretary has been very clear he intends to stay here at the State Department. We have a lot of work that is left to be done ahead of us. He recognises that. He’s deeply engaged in that work,” said Nauert.

But there are reports Tillerson is not happy with Trump’s treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Trump has publicly criticized this week. Tillerson’s friends tell CNN he plans to resign sometime later this year

Tillerson was also a staunch supporter of the United Nation’s Paris climate scheme, which Trump defunded and suspended participiation in, though the United States remain a signatory to the pact.

  • RacistWhitey2

    If Tillerson really is a climate change nut – than he needs to go. It doesn’t matter what his other skill set is. If he believes something that fundamentally stupid, that fundamentally anti-science – a WAG who’s entire framework (retention of earth heat “theory”; ice sheet melting) have been completely discredited – than he is a fool who does not have the ability to think critically and is open to DEM / Communist subversion. DUMP HIM

    • John C.

      You are absolutely Correct. You the nail on the head, as my dad would have said.

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