If You Know Why Trump Should Fire Jeff Sessions, you can Ace This Quiz


President Trump may want to get rid of Jeff Sessions because of the bungled Russia investigation but there is a really good reason Sessions should go.

If you know what Obama-era policy Jeff Sesssion DID actually get around to cancelling along with four other brain teasers you can join this list of supersmart patriots who nailed the CRN Quiz last week.  Don’t you wish you could have joined them?

Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, chas butterfield, Big Bambu, Carlos Danger, nefmq3, CGBritt, Fred W, CGBritt, Randy, E.T. USMC, Romulus, BonLovesFreedom, Big Al, Jomama, katydid, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz July 24-July 28 2017

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    Jeff Session must stay. He is a man of integrity, conviction, brilliant, with high moral standing. Currently, he is doing a very good job. His recusal from the Russian Witch-Hunt investigation was not illegal. But he could have supported the president. He must have very good reason for doing that. I like DOJ Jeff Session to stay.

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