Dems’ Russia investigation may end up nailing McCain


Image Credit: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0

Democrats are hell-bent on proving someone colluded with the Russian government regarding the 2016 presidential election.

While there’s no proof, or reason to believe, Donald Trump himself worked with Russian officials, Democrats may end up proving someone tried to use Russian government sources to smear a candidate…

…John McCain.

The Washington Times editorial board writes:

Few condemned Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, for securing extremely damaging information contained in that now famous anti-Trump dossier based largely on Russian sources. Mr. McCain has no reason to like Mr. Trump: not only because of his rancid attack against the senator’s war record, but his multiple pro-Putin statements and Mr. Trump’s controversial belief that he has the moxie to carve out various deals with the Russian dictator…

…Thus Mr. McCain, fueled by his deep distrust of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, decided to seek out the nature of this material, not caring where it came from and even though current and ex-Russian intelligence officials and the FSB (formerly the KGB), provided some of the document’s most damning contents…

…Moreover, as Vanity Fair tells us, Mr. McCain and David J. Kramer, who works for a McCain foreign policy institute, were briefed on the dossier by Sir Andrew Wood, the ex-British ambassador to Moscow, while the pair were attending the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia.
As a result, Mr. Kramer flew to London, met up with Mr. Steele and returned to Washington, D.C., with Mr. Steele’s report, handing it to Mr. McCain. Mr. McCain, in turn, gave it to FBI director James Comey in December of last year…

So it seems the only person who met with Russian government officials to plan an attack on a U.S. political figure was on the McCain payroll.

Democrats may regret making this an issue.

  • Babsan

    McCain has always been a SCUM bag now a criminal former “song bird”

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