It’s on: Trump begins the hunt for Deep State leakers


Image Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Public Domain

The Trump administration is fighting back against sabotage efforts by Deep State bureaucrat, launching a new offensive to track down, and prosecute, those who illegally leak sensitive information.

Since taking office, the Trump White House has been targeted by D.C. career bureaucrats who have been leaking damaging information to the mainstream media, often in violation of the law.

The Sovereignty Project is building a nationwide grassroots army to pressure Congress to put an end to the leaks.  You can help out by clicking here to chip in just $5 or more.

Fox News reports:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledged Sunday that “anybody who breaks the law” — including White House staffers and members of Congress — could be prosecuted, as the Justice Department heightens its efforts to stop leaks of classified information.

Rosenstein made the comments on “Fox News Sunday,” amid a torrent of damaging leaks to President Trump’s administration and several days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the department has expanded efforts to crack down on the problem…

..He also confirmed Sessions’ assessment Friday that the department is pursuing roughly three times as many leaks investigations, or referrals, compared to the previous Obama administration, though he repeatedly declined to give specific numbers.

And he confirmed Sessions’ statement that the FBI has created a new unit to handle the investigations.

  • steven

    I haven’t seen anybody go to jail yet, and some of the crimes are truly high treason.

  • MarcJ

    Our Republicans are babes in the woods. They have done nothing about 220,000 new federal government employees hired on the basis of their far-left racist credentials by our Marxist Muslim half-breed President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama in his last year in power – all carefully selected for their far-left credentials and now engaged in sabotaging Trump’s presidency.

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