Sessions takes aim at this Obama slush fund scheme


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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is investigating how a potentially illegal Obama slush fund scheme operated inside the Justice Department, Breitbart reveals in an exclusive report.

Under Obama, megabanks found by a court to have defrauded customers could have their penalties and fines reduced if, instead of refunding customers, they made donations to political groups aligned with the Obama agenda.

Radical splinter groups like La Raza pocketed millions of dollars in cash that was supposed to be paid to defrauded consumers under the scheme.

The Sovereignty Project has been investigating these payment before Sessions’ memo, and is working to pass legislation ending the slush fund scheme.  You can help by clicking here to chip in just $5 or more.

Breitbart reports:

The memo asks all components of the DOJ to recount the last ten years of payments made to non-governmental organizations as third parties in settlements and provide that information to Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, the number three Justice official. These “cy pres” payments were a long-standing policy of having mostly corporate defendants, for example in a civil rights suit, agree to pay into charities as part of their settlement with the government to avoid further prosecution…

…The new memo, dated July 28, goes further, commanding DOJ attorneys to look back into the history of these settlements and report back every payment that would not meet the new standards laid down in June. Payments agreed to but not yet paid out are also to be identified. Every component is to be reported to Associate Attorney General Brand by the end of the month.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Compile an infallible case against dinglebarry and throw the book at his dirty muslime arse. There is plenty he did that was illegal whilst occupying our White House and he needs to pay for every single one of his many crimes.

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    Is there anything that Kenyan god king foreign student into the USA did not violate as he stepped onto USA soil like the PLAGUE of NUMBERS that he welcomed…and continue to enter the USA…due to TREASON WITHIN…EVIL vs USA as One Nation Under GOD

    • 2Deep4_U

      You are a SUPER SILLY MORON.

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