Mueller storms Trump manager’s home in pre-dawn raid


Image Credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation Public Domain

The home of President Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was targeted in a pre-dawn FBI raid on the orders of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, despite Manafort having voluntarily given testimony to investigators just hours before.

The raid occurred at 5:00 a.m. on July 26.  The search warrant was for tax documents and bank records which Manafort had already voluntarily turned over to investigators, and of which banks and the IRS maintain their own copies.

Just hours earlier, Manafort had voluntarily met with, and gave sworn testimony to, the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Business Insider reports:

Jack Sharman, a white-collar lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama and former Special Counsel to the House Banking Committee for the Whitewater investigation of President Clinton, said that a search warrant in a case like this “is designed to send a message.”

“Manafort has reportedly been cooperating with congressional investigators about documents,” added Sharman, who also recently served as Special Counsel to the Alabama House Judiciary Committee for the impeachment of Governor Robert Bentley. “One purpose of such a raid is to bring home to the target the fact that the federal prosecution team is moving forward and is not going to defer to or rely on Congress.”

  • A_patriot

    Whoa. So, what does this mean? If Manafore has already turned over said documents to Congress, is he required to somehow get additional copies for Mueller’s team? Absurd.

  • MarcJ

    Representative Gohmert ripped FBI Director Mueller for
    ignoring that Boston mosque in the testimony regarding the investigation
    into the Boston Marathon bombings. Gohmert shredded FBI chief’s answers;
    Mueller’s only defense in not looking at that particular mosque was that
    all the mosques are part of their “Outreach”program to Muslims here in America
    and therefore not included in anti-terrorist investigations!!! Now that is the
    real case of PROFILING that excludes the jihadists! And that is how the two
    Boston jihadist brothers “escaped” the NSA and FBI attention. Mueller also did
    not know who is in overall charge of anti-terrorist programs at his own FBI.
    Note: since then there were more jihadist mass murders perpetrated in Orlando,
    Chattanooga, San Bernardino…

  • MarcJ

    testimony by the outgoing FBI Director Mueller in 2013 shows the consequences
    of Obama’s “Outreach” program, whereby the massive capture of all our phone
    calls and e-mails exempts specifically American mosques, their mullahs
    and imams, and their membership from such surveillance. That is how, for
    example, the surveillance of the two Boston Marathon jihadist bombers was
    stopped back in 2011 – and these murderers were left in peace to plan and
    execute their terrorist attack from their local mosque. That jihadist murder
    was followed by deadly attacks in Fort Hood, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando,
    New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Washington State – so far.

  • Sandra Holstein

    It is time for Mueller to be arrested and jailed before he really hurts someone since he seems to think he’s above the law!

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