Is Your Fake Quiz Name Better Than Loretta Lynch’s?


You don’t need to use a fake name to take our Quiz but you can.  And if you do, can you do better than the fake name former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used for illicit communications while she was in office?

If you know her fake name and the answers to four other questions from CRN’s headlines this week, you can join this extensive list of other perfect scorers from last week’s Quiz:

Alan Webster, Bertha, Bill Steffen, BonLovesFreedom, CGBritt, Clark Kent, Connir, FireMedic447, GailyJ, Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, google engineer, Guccifer, June Andrade, Ladylee15, Lawrence, leppymac, Marie, Nevergivein, pkch, Quiz, Randy, robert, Ronald Reagan, sharon, Smart Enough

CRN News Quiz August 7-August 11 2017

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