Are the Polls Wrong Again?


In my recent article titled “The Better What?” I speculated that the Dirty Dems are almost certainly going to be overwhelmingly defeated in the 2018 midterms. However, I added the caveat that the only two things that can prevent a Republican landslide victory is too much Donald Trump chaos or the anti-Trump Republicans in Congress succeeding in stopping his agenda.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0

Since that article was published, the Internet and FNM have become so radioactive with stories about Trump’s demise that I felt it was important to go into this topic in more detail.  The clincher came when Laura Ingraham was talking to some dunderhead Democratic operative (don’t even know his name), and at one point, in trying to bolster his view that Donald Trump’s presidency was all but over, he sneeringly said that even Republican intellectuals like Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol have turned against him.

No, I’m not kidding.  He really said that.  Is the man so stupid, so out of touch with reality, so filled with hatred that he actually believes that those wildly cheering Trump supporters at his recent West Virginia rally give a hoot about what Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol think?

Alert the media:  It’s precisely because of the existence of people like Krauthammer and Kristol that millions of people voted for Trump.  Their enthusiastic support makes it clear that draining the swamp is not just a catchphrase to them.  On the contrary, they’re deadly serious it.

Listening to desperation statements like the Republican intellectuals comment, coupled with all the misleading polls (more on those in a moment) that are being shoved in our faces on a daily basis, has actually strengthened my suspicion that not only are Republicans not going to lose in the 2018 midterms, they’re going to win in a tidal wave fashion.

Nevertheless, as I said in my previous article, because of those same two factors I alluded to, I can’t give a 100 percent assurance that it’s going to happen.  That said, let’s take another look at the two factors that could stop a Republican tidal wave.

Again, the first is Trump himself.  That’s right, Donald Trump is the only person in the world who can stop Donald Trump.  I don’t need to elaborate on Trump’s foibles, since everyone on the planet is intimately familiar with them.  If the man didn’t go out of his way to hurt himself, I honestly believe even the fake polls would have him at a better than 50 percent approval rating.

The other factor that’s a threat, not only to Trump but to the entire Republican Party, is the GOP establishment that is absolutely committed to taking him down — yes, even if it means destroying the Republican Party by losing the House and Senate in 2018 and the presidency in 2020.  I have absolutely no doubts that Democratic-loving anti-Trumpers like Richard Burr, Jeff Flake, and Thom Tillis are willing to lose their own Senate seats if that’s what it takes to destroy the president.

Okay, let’s put these two threats on the back burner for now and take a closer look at what’s really happening with the polls.  The biggest factor that wishful-thinking pollsters are purposely ignoring is that, to the Dirty Dems’ dismay, we still elect presidents via the electoral college system.

That being the case, when Horrible Hillary got 4 million more votes than Trump in California, what it actually meant was:  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  It’s much like baseball, a game in which a ten-run win is worth no more than a one-run win.  Thus, whether you win by one vote or 4 million votes in California, you still get the same number of electoral votes — 55.  In other words, just about all of those 4 million excess votes Hillary captured were wasted.

The Founding Fathers were prescient, indeed, in that they seem to have anticipated the emergence of a rogue state like California when they determined that elections should be decided by the electoral college.  As the Dirty Dems discovered in 2016, people in Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, et al have no interest in being controlled by the social justice champions who run California, New York, Illinois, or any of the other blue states whose leaders are obsessed with racism, LGBT rights, nonexistent global warming, and redistribution-of-wealth schemes, and it’s the electoral college that protects them from such tyranny.

Keeping this in mind, the more I read about Trump’s demise, the more certain I am that the 2018 midterms are going to produce a tidal wave of victories for the GOP.  This, despite the fact that I doubt the White House soap opera will completely disappear over the next 14 months.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see General Kelly out the door (by his own hand or Trump’s), because he may try to cramp DT’s style too much.  Steve Bannon and H.R. McMaster are vulnerable as well.  And while he’s at it, I wish Trump would send his daughter and son-in-law back to New York.  Not only are they both liberals, they also provide juicy targets for the FNM.

In any event, even if the shakeups continue, it will have no effect on Trump’s supporters, so don’t be fooled by the FNM and the misleading polls.  Their constant drum-beating makes me suspect they’re actually terrified.  It strikes me as a classic case of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

In addition, all kinds of good things are happening for Republicans that the FNM is ignoring.  Perhaps the biggest of these is when West Virginia’s Democratic governor Jim Justice announced, at a Trump campaign event in his home state, that he is switching his allegiance to the Republican party.  It was an absolute bombshell, yet the FNM virtually ignored it.  When a governor in your party jumps ship, what does it tell you about the party’s fragility?  Trust me, it has the Dirty Dems panicked.

I have to believe that Trump also has people pressuring West Virginia’s Joe Manchin to follow Governor Justice’s lead and switch parties.  Should that come about, it would be another huge blow to the Dirty Dems, because, while hapless Mitch McConnell is talking about moving on and shoring up Obamacare, the fact is that Joe Manchin could become the 50th vote needed to repeal it.  (Sorry about that John McCain, but your vengeful No vote could end up not being enough to stop the Trump Train after all.)

Another problem on the horizon for the Dirty Dems is the mounting discomfort for the grand old lady of American Indian folklore, Pocahontas.  While she was blustering to her base that “You haven’t seen nasty yet,” a real Indian by the name of V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai suddenly entered the picture by announcing he is challenging her for her Senate seat in 2018.

Mr. Ayyadurai, a Ph.D. from MIT, is a self-described “real Indian” who is hoping to win the Republican nomination in Massachusetts and run against “the fake Indian.”  Even if he doesn’t win in such Radical Left political territory, he could sure make life embarrassing for Pocahontas and the Dirty Dems.

Also, pro-Trumpers are finally stepping up to the plate and taking it to the enemy from within.  Hedge fund owner and Trump ally Robert Mercer is donating $300,000 to support a primary opponent running against Trump hater Jeff Flake in Arizona.  In Nevada, another Trump hater, Dean Heller, is being targeted by rabid Trump supporter Jerry Tarkanian, son of UNLV’s legendary basketball coach, Jerry Tarkanian.

If you look at the number of seats the Dirty Dems have to defend in red states alone, it’s easy to see how Republicans could reach a 60-seat majority — or more — in the Senate and also add seats in the House.

Finally, as I have previously pointed out, even if Trump’s favorability numbers are real, they’re probably good enough to get him reelected in 2020, because Bernie Sanders might just start a new party and split the Democratic vote.  Or, if Bernie actually secured the Democratic nomination, it would be an automatic loss for the Dirty Dems.

Finally, if Trump is successful in getting Mitch McConnell off his ass and gets Obamacare repealed and big tax cuts passed, his real favorability ratings could rise to the area of 50 percent.  So the way I see it, it’s Trump’s game to lose, because, now that I think about it, I don’t believe his wimpy internal enemies can withstand the pushback from his supporters.

In summation, don’t be misled by the FNM and the shaky poll numbers that show Trump and the Republicans losing ground.  It’s hogwash, plain and simple.

This is a guest post by Robert Ringer an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.
  • Robert

    Here we go with misleading information to make the Media and Polls out to be wrong so everyone will believe wrong information.
    The polls were right in the 2016 election and they said Clinton would win the popular vote and she did, in only 5 of the 45 Presidential elections has the person who won the popular vote not become President.
    Trump most certainly has the lowest approval rating of any President in this time of their Presidency and also so low among his own Party.
    In Reality in life who likes a big mouth show off. who lies to make him self or her self more important than they are.
    Most of what Trump is taking credit fro was decided 3 or more years ago, and the companies say that every time Trump beats his chest about his accomplishments.

    • 110

      Look how the media is out to get trump….it’s not wonder his approval is down.

      • Robert

        I do not think the Media is out to get anyone, they are in business to make money through advertising and if they do not print what the people want to read then they do not sell papers or make money that supports their news broadcast, it has not changed since papers were started to be printed. Trump is news they print everything about him good or bad, and most is bad coming from his own tweets or messages he says..
        I have been a republican fro over 60 years and there is no way I could support Trumps platform which will harm America economically and make the rich richer, and the worker pay more taxes, which we already pay the most, the rich only pay the most in income taxes where the working class pays the most of the taxes collected in fact almost 95% and trump is not for doing anything but raising the taxes the consumer pays with his border tax, which has always been known as an import tax which means keep it low it benefits everyone because we pay it in the purchases everyday.

        • 110

          Sure they are not, just like most aren’t the mouthpiece for the left. And yeah you are one of those John McCain replublicans.

          • Robert

            I think John McCain is doing exactly what the Constitution says he was supposed to do, represent all the people, not just the people who want a certain thing done, I do suppose there are a lot of us John McCain Republicans out there who believe in the Constitution, not the party, we may support Party principals, but will never support anything that hurts the majority of the people. Nearly everything Trump proposes will hurt the average american in the pocketbook, in the long term.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • 110

            Sure Robert whatever you say.

          • Joe Brake

            Trump has done and said thousands of things over the past eight months, so why don’t you name two or three complimentary articles which the Washington Post or the New York Times have written about him, since you claim they report everything good or bad about him without bias. Over 90% of federal revenue comes from corporate and personal income taxes and less than 10% from import tariffs, and at least 90% of total federal tax revenue comes from corporations and wealthy individuals, and not the MEANINGLESS “working class” as you claim. Trump’s tax plan, which doubles the personal deduction for everyone who files a personal tax return, would benefit the lowest income wage earners the most, and no married couple earning less than $35,000. per year would pay any income tax at all. So explain, if you can, exactly how this will hurt the low income working class, which is who you should be concerned about. Trump is not pushing any border tax any more, and it never was a large part of his tax plan, anyway, so you need to quit dwelling on the one thing, while ignoring the rest of his plan. I know you claim to be an extremely wealthy investor, so I think your real concern could be that Trump is not planning to do enough to help wealthy individual investors.

        • Joe Brake

          Trump has done and said thousands of things over the past eight months, so why don’t you name two or three complimentary articles which the Washington Post or the New York Times have written about him, since you claim they report everything good or bad about him without bias. Over 90% of federal revenue comes from corporate and personal income taxes and less than 10% from import tariffs, and at least 90% of total federal tax revenue comes from corporations and wealthy individuals, and not the MEANINGLESS “working class” as you claim. Trump’s tax plan, which doubles the personal deduction for everyone who files a personal tax return, would benefit the lowest income wage earners the most, and no married couple earning less than $35,000. per year would pay any income tax at all. So explain, if you can, exactly how this will hurt the low income working class, which is who you should be concerned about. Trump is not pushing any border tax any more, and it never was a large part of his tax plan, anyway, so you need to quit dwelling on the one thing, while ignoring the rest of his plan. I know you claim to be an extremely wealthy investor, so I think your real concern could be that Trump is not planning to do enough to help wealthy individual investors.

          • Robert

            Joe Blake
            Again you listen to the Conservatives who want to not pay any tax at all. The majority of taxes paid in this country come from the working class who spend the most money. Every purchase you make part of that purchase is Federal and or State Taxes involved in the prices. So those wealthy do not spent I/1000 of the money spent on purchases. I will say yes they pay the most in income tax but at a much lower rate than the average person, last year I had income over $3 million in dividends and only paid about 16% in taxes when in fact the rate is 20% most corporations pay even less do to the tax breaks and loop holes in the tax bracket. Every economist in the country would tell you that.
            If Trump imposes any more so called Border tax which in reality is a import tax then the consumer will pay the tax not the foreign corporation that made the product. It is the same with the trade deals, it only hurts the working class, industry is not coming back to this country and pay the high wages of manufacturing if they do come back it will be automation, with only high skill person employed. The day of high paid manufacturing jobs for the high school graduate are gone for good.
            Tell me one thing that Trump has even suggested which will help the workers or retired on low income or anyone except the people like him that live in glorification and do nothing for the country but keep all they make, and not contribute to assist the less fortunate. For every millionaire it takes almost 4 million persons to keep him a millionaire so why not give some back to those who made you what you are.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake


            Just as I thought, you cannot name a single positive article about President
            Trump, since he has been in office, after falsely saying that the press reports
            all the good things about him, so that is lie number one on your part. Second,
            don’t try to turn your comment into a discussion of state and local taxes,
            which you never even mentioned, and which Trump has absolutely nothing to do
            with. Again, your term “working class” is meaningless and
            deliberately misleading, since almost everyone who pays federal income taxes
            works at something or other; people like yourself being in a very tiny
            minority. I don’t need to go to “every economist in the country” for
            my information, as you put it, when I can go to the federal government for the
            facts on where they get their revenue. Over 90% of federal revenue comes from income tax and social security tax, with companies paying 100% of the social security (and medicare) tax ether directly or through their employees, who receive it from the company in the first place. The federal government receives a very minuscule part of its revenue from other sources as the chart clearly shows. Only a Democrat would make the ridiculous assertion that:
            “for every millionaire it takes almost four million persons to keep him a
            millionaire”. There are eight million millionaire households in the US, so
            according to you it would take 32 trillion people just to support the
            millionaires in the United States. That is 4,571 times the population of
            the entire planet just to support the millionaires in the US. I don’t think we need
            people of your mindset to tell us that only places like China, Mexico, India, etc.
            have enough educated people to do manufacturing work. That idea is as outlandish as the rest of your nonsense, and an attempt to change the discussion away from your
            original comments as well. I’m still waiting for you to explain to me exactly
            how doubling the standard deduction will harm the lowest income working class
            people who file tax returns, and I know that you will never be able to answer
            that question, being the liberal Democrat that you clearly are.

          • Joe Brake

            According to your assertion that you had income of $3
            million in dividends last year, and also to your assertion that it takes
            four million people to keep each millionaire a millionaire, It would
            take an estimated 200 million people just to keep you a millionaire,
            because you would probably have at least $50 million in investments to
            receive $3 million in dividends. So why not follow your own advice and
            give away enough so that you will no longer be a millionaire After all,
            you are single-handedly causing 200 million people to have to work just
            to support you.
            On the other hand, in 2005 Donald Trump paid $38
            million in federal income tax on his adjusted gross income of $48.6
            million after his loss (from 1995) carried forward and his normal
            business expenses which every single business has, and which are not
            earnings. His taxes would have been much lower except that he paid an
            alternative minimum tax of $31 million. The 2005 tax return also proves
            that he paid in millions of dollars in taxes each quarter during 2004
            in estimated taxes. That $153 million income figure which you liberals
            love to keep keep bandying about was actually revenues (or gross
            income), and not net earnings. Obama, fool that he was, always referred
            to Corporate revenues as earnings, and to this day, still doesn’t know
            the difference any more than you seem to.

          • Robert

            Joe Brake
            Lets just say in 1996 I invested over $96 Million from the sale of my company, I was never taken to court for beating anyone out of their pay or payment for jobs done for the company, when we ran it. Now according to New York Courts, New Jersey Courts, Florida Courts, and Scotland courts Trump has been sued no less than 2375 times for non payment or falsifying business documents. Any fool knows you are taxed on net income if you are a business or private citizen. Corporate revenue is earning and any one in business knows that, it is the corporate earning you take your expenses out of and get your net.
            You can run Obama down but I can assure you that he had a much higher approval rating than Trump, I do not have to like someone or their policies to give them credit for what they did good. Only those with hate never see anything good about an opponent and that is where you loose, just like any contest if you can not use your opponents good points to your advantage you loose. Just making up half truths to make an opponent look bad often results in the peRson running the other one down looking bad in the end.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake

            Corporate revenue and net earnings are two totally separate and unrelated quantities, as every investor and businessman knows, unless they are lying. As long as you continue to imply that they are one and the same, either you are being deliberately deceitful or you have never done a tax return. Your statement that “corporate revenue is earning” is a lie,which only people like yourself, Obama, the leftist media, all the Democrats in Congress, and all other Democrat politicians everywhere love to promote. If you are filing a personal tax return you are taxed on taxable income, which consists of adjusted gross income, less deductions and exemptions, and after your tax is calculated, there may be a number of credits to deduct from that total, so it is called taxable income and not net income as you said. It is not “the corporate earning you take your expenses out of and get your net” as you said. It is the CORPORATE GROSS INCOME (REVENUE) FROM WHICH EXPENSES AND DEDUCTIONS OF MANY KINDS ARE DEDUCTED to arrive at taxable income. Corporate gross income is not “corporate earning” as you keep calling it, proves you don’t know the difference between revenue and earning, namely because you have probably never filled out a tax return.
            Obama is and always has been a socialist, and there is nothing good that can be said about any socialist working in government, especially at high levels, because the US was founded by capitalists on capitalistic economic principles after capitalism had been practiced in America for over 150 years already. The United States Constitution was not written by socialists, and there was not one single socialist who signed it. In fact it was written in such a manner as to attempt to prevent that sort of thing. You claim to have used our (semi) capitalist system to have earned your wealth, and now you want to turn it into a socialist system, or worse so that no one can create anything of value.
            I place your wild claims about President Trump into the same category as your wild assertions that “it takes four million people to keep each millionaire a millionaire”. There is no nice way to drain the swamp, and there is no nice way to deal with left wing oppression, and all your “have a good day” crap after insulting a person in every conceivable way doesn’t make you into one of the nice guys.

          • Robert

            Joe Brake
            If Corporate revenue is not earnings then what in your opinion is. I do believe on the tax forms you list your total revenue before you start all the , expenses to get your net earnings. You are right on one accord that Corporate revenue and net earning are not the same but in one aspect they are all combined to get the latter. You are party right on one other thing my lawyers office does my Taxes but they go over every line with me, I insist on it so I know what I am signing. I do know the ins and outs of Corporate law and the Tax forms I would not say I know Tax law because I do not think any one person knows them.
            You speak of Socialism as if it were a dirty word, when it in fact seems to be better than what the US has, those countries with Democratic Socialism have a higher GDP than the USA and the GDP represents a standard of living in the country,
            they also have better Medical,
            better education
            and happier people.
            Four of my children live and work in Europe because when they graduated college the best offers came from Europe, and now they make more take home money than their college friends who stayed here.
            Capitalism is no more in this country Capitalism was about home industry and small business which Corporate America has made impossible to make a living in.
            No I would have made the same money under a Socialist system, my Brother in law in England did and is still doing, there is a huge difference in Socialism than you seem to think it is. Why are so many successful businesses in Europe if Democratic Socialism makes everyone so poor so that the lazy do not have to work, look at industry in Europe and Canada, which is also Democratic Socialist and ahead of the USA in every aspect when it comes to taking care of the people. Business can succeed any place if you re willing to work at it and use data not dreams to run your company.
            What you refer to as left wing is what the majority of the people in this country want, a chance so that they can have something to show for their work and not give it all to Corporate america who wants you to work for nothing more than getting by.

            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake

            The definition of CORPORATE revenue or COMPANY revenue is not a matter of my opinion. If you have ever heard a business news reporter , they always say company xyz had quarterly earnings of E dollars on revenues of R dollars and the revenues are always much larger than the earnings which can often be a negative number as it has been with Tesla ever since it was founded. Not only that, anyone who has ever invested in the stock market or studied any earnings reports as I have, either knows the difference or they should never even start investing in the first place. My form 1040 schedule C, Part I from last year says on line 1 “Gross Receipts or Sales”, so sales, gross receipts, and revenues are all the same thing, but earnings are a different matter altogether and there may not even be any earnings at all. The only exception is that government income is the same as revenue, because government revenues only refers to the amount of taxes collected, and they create no wealth at all. All wealth creation is done by private sector businesses and none is created by the government. It probably takes about five or six private sector business employees to support each government employee, so government employees are a serious drag on the economy and should be kept to a minimum. The degree of socialism in a country is determined largely by the corporate tax rate which is the tax burden on the job creators, and to some extent by the personal tax rate, and there is no pure socialism going on in the major industrial countries of Europe. Socialists have never created any economy so far, and an example of a failed attempt to do so can be found in the fact that the Pilgrims tried a socialist form of government for the first two years after arriving in Massachusetts, and were required to put all the food they could produce into a common storeroom, taking out only what they required to live on. After a couple of years, they were all about to starve to death, because only about one third of the people were working in the fields, so they were told that they could keep all the food which they could grow. Soon they were all out in the fields working and producing more food than they could eat and selling the rest. That was when capitalism started in America, after the complete failure of a socialist experiment. The US top corporate tax rate is 38.92%, which is the third highest of the 188 countries which have an income tax. The average corporate tax rate of the countries in the EU is 22.45%. The average for Asia is 20.14%. For Argentina 35% and Venezuela and Mexico are both 34%, So the US corporate tax rate is higher than that of the EU or Asia, and even higher than the socialist countries of Argentina and Venezuela. Furthermore, the worldwide average rate has been steadily declining over the past decade. So, the top tax rate on our job creators is already the third highest in the world and you apparently want to make it the highest in the world. How brilliant is that?
            That should answer your question of why there are so many successful businesses in Europe. First, their corporate tax rate is only a little over half the US corporate tax rate, and second the US is paying most of the cost of their defense, since most of the European countries have almost completely done away with their militaries. The average wage, adjusted for purchasing power is a better indicator of individual earnings than the GDP, which you mentioned. For 2016 the USA had the highest annual wage of any country in the world, except for the tiny country of Luxembourg, which was slightly higher. France is $20,000. lower as are Sweden and Finland. Norway is $7,000. lower, and Denmark is $8,000. lower. So your theory of higher pay in Europe is all wrong, as is your love of the failed ideology of socialism. If you want higher taxes and more socialism, go to Argentina, Mexico, or Venezuela, all of which have corporate tax rates of over 34%, which are some of the highest in the world.

          • Robert

            Joe Brake
            You seem to know nothing about business as far as experience running one . You seem to harp on BS which in no way is relevant to anything. Any idiot know you pay taxes on your net earnings.
            You opinion of Socialism is that it is Communism and it is far from that, any idiot knows that the USA tried for over 50 years to overthrow the Government of Venezuela, look up what connection Reagan and Bush had, supporting a rebel army to overthrow the Venezuelan Government because they said it was Communist, stopping Venezuela from getting modern machinery to support the oil industry, stopping a lot of necessary things that were needed.
            You can quote Corporate tax rates all day long but that is not what they pay, a prime example is Warren Buffet and Bill Gates made huge amounts of money and warren Buffet said that his $245,000 a year secretary paid more in taxes in dollars than he did.
            I do suppose you have never heard of a thing called Corporate Welfare, you should look it up and it just might enlighten you to what Corporations pay in taxes.
            In reality in Europe the tax rates are just about the same as here Ireland being the exception, that is because how you structure your business gives you sometimes zero taxes. Taxes are not a major for any business, the biggest expense of any business and I know that from running one for over 20 years is labor, and the insurances that go with labor, in manufacturing industry that is at minimum of 45% of your profit, anyone with good reasoning would know that industry left here for cheap labor not taxes. If so why does the Foreign Companies here to avoid import fees pay such good wages and operate under the same tax structure and make enormous amounts of money.
            My daughter works in London in the financial sector doing the same thing there that her college friend does in New York and makes over $50,000 more dollars a year than her friend, it is the same with my son in Norway, made enough in 30 years to buy a ranch in Oklahoma with over 1000 acres of land, 7 sections I believe. My brother in law before retirement in England made over 70,000 pounds as a school custodian.
            If wages are so bad in Europe, explain to me why we have about 250,000 young persons relocating there for free college and better paying jobs the same is true for India, China and Phillipines.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake


            As to Warren Buffet’s taxes, Warren Buffet is an investor who had nearly all his so called stock market profit as unrealized capital gains, which are not taxable until the holdings are sold, and are often balanced against realized capital losses so that the net result is zero. So while he may have had large market gains, there are no taxable gains until the holdings are sold. Investors play an important part in the economy, and if they did not, there would be no reason for companies to go public in the first place, or to even have a stock exchange. Companies get listed on the stock exchanges in order to attract investors; people like Warren Buffet, and people like you claim to be. It’s true that some corporations don’t pay taxes. GE is a good example of a company that has avoided taxes for years by taking advantage of Obama’s green energy tax loopholes as a producer of wind turbine generators, etc., but within three months after Trump was elected GE became the second largest oil field services company in the world by acquiring Baker Hughes. This is the fault of government policies, rather than corporate greed. The fact remains however, that over 90% of federal taxes come from income taxes paid by corporations and wealthy individuals. You contradict yourself by first saying that jobs are not going to come to the US because of high labor costs here, and then turning around and saying that wages are much higher in Europe, but corporations can operate more competitively there anyway. You mentioned insurance costs, but companies were not forced to buy employee health insurance before Obamacare, and certainly not any specific type of policy. You claim that industry left here for cheap labor, so why didn’t the even higher wages in Europe cause industry to leave Europe?
            As to your claims of 250,000 students relocating to Europe for free college; way overblown. A total of 172,150 American students went to college in Europe in 2016, and 62% of them studied there for eight weeks or less. Germany and France are the top two countries which claim to have free tuition. 4,600 American students studied in Germany last year, but why did 10,145 German students come to the US to study if they could have gotten a free education in Germany? 3,204 American students were working on a degree in France last year, but why did 8,764 French students come to America if they could have gotten their degree free in France? Why did 11,599 students come here from the UK? And why did 26,973 come here from Canada, 165,918 from India, and 328,547 come here from China? It is ridiculous to say that students are leaving the US for foreign educations, since only a total of 313,000 American students studied abroad, most of them for eight weeks or less, while over a million foreign students came to the US to study, and most of them came from socialist or communist countries. Why do they come here if socialism provides the lowest cost education, Goobert.
            I’m wondering why your son in Norway bought his ranch in one of the most conservative states in the US instead of buying one in California. If socialism is so great, why did he even contemplate coming back to the US at all. Could it be because he was tired of the ultra high cost of living in Norway and the free health care? Incidentally, a section of land is 640 acres, so 1,000 acres would be about 1 1/2 sections, and not seven sections as you said.

          • Robert

            Joe Brake
            You talk around in circles and never get the main point. The fact is that the wealth may pay 90% of income taxes paid but that is only a fraction of total taxes paid to the State and Federal Government, and where do you think those taxes the the wealthy come from from products sold which everyone has been taxed multiple times by different types of taxes, before the product even gets to the store and then the consumer pays a tax either hidden, called gross sales tax or on the surface called sales tax., and all these deductions that corporations get include the taxes we pay on those products so who is paying the most taxes in this country, the working people, who have to spend most of their income to survive.
            What you seem to miss in your information is 995 of foreign students return home when less than 31% of Americans do once they see the benefits of living and working in Europe.
            My son bought the ranch in Oklahoma because that is where he would like to retire, and by the way I have been a Conservative republican as has my family all their lives, but if something proves to be better, I am just like anyone else, go for it.
            I could have checked and saw how much a section was but did not, my son just old me he had bought the land and said it was 7 sections over 1000 acres and, I do not pry into my children’s affairs. My son loves Norway, but just considers it not a good place to retire because of the climate, like he said cold is not good for his bones. I suppose it is the same reason that Maine and upper New York person retire in Florida
            Person who stress on a theological picture of what Conservatism is will keep on stressing for ever, because they are never satisfies that the evolution of the worlds is changing everything from what it was even 50 years ago, and the only way we as US citizens will survive is through Socialism type Government, and diminishment of religion in Government as the Constitution says it should be.,
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake

            As I said before these state and local taxes you keep ragging on about have nothing to do with Donald Trump or federal revenue, and as a former business man you should be intelligent enough to grasp that fact. Over 90% of federal revenue comes from federal income tax and social security and medicare tax, which are paid 100% by businesses and corporations or by people who got their money from those same businesses. The deductions corporations get include the local sales which THEY pay on their purchases, and not on the local taxes which WE pay, as you claim. I’m wondering if you have ever run a business at this point. If states weren’t charging these taxes, then they would not even exist as deductions, so don’t blame the Donald Trump or the federal government for the state and city sales taxes, property taxes, etc., etc. Most countries have a lot of local taxes in addition to federal taxes. Check it out; nothing to do with the federal government. Those foreign students who return home do so because they are not allowed to stay in the US after finishing their courses, nor should they be. Do you really think we want 500,000 Chinese and Indian students to immigrate to the US every year because they took a few college courses here? They don’t go home for better jobs as you claim.The median income for a family of four in China is $2,100. That is 1/17th of what it is in the US, which is over $35,000, and that includes all the welfare recipients or it would be a lot higher. There are millions of people in China who have to survive on $500 per year or less, so their students should be forced to return home to try to do something about the deplorable conditions in their own country. As to the 313,000 American students studying abroad each year, I’ve already told you 62% of them return to the US within eight weeks or less. They take two or three summer courses and that’s it. Those are the facts. Clearly, you don’t like the facts, but you cannot change them. Most of the rest of the students stay for a semester or two, and then they return home. I have never even mentioned anything that has to do with theology, so neither of us has any idea of what you are referring to by saying that I have. You and the rest of the leftists are the only ones who are continuously ragging on about not wanting religion in government or anywhere else (unless it is Islam of course). Tell me, Gubert, what Article, section and paragraph of the Constitution says “there should be a diminishment of religion in government”? It is not there, and you know it. I’ve known that there are 640 acres in a section of land since I was ten years old, so it’s not something that most people should need to research. Before , you said that you are a constitutional Republican, and now you say you are a conservative Republican. There is no such thing as a conservative Republican who believes in socialism, or a living, evolving Constitution. If you or your family are conservative Republicans, then I am the king of Norway.

          • Robert

            Joe Brake
            No one is arguing that the majority of income tax does not come from the rich, but that is not the majority of the tax paid in this country.
            You do live in a dream world of unreality, those Chinese students here are from wealth families who run the businesses not the working class, If you think that any one from the working class in these low wage countries can come to the USA to study where do you think they would get that kind of money, it is no different from the Muslims coming to Europe or here they were rich persons in their country, if not explain to me where they got the estimated $30,000 to $60,000 to get smuggled out of the country, only the poor stay there to face the war.
            Explain to me if so many return to this country why there are so many Americans working gin these foreign countries and lots have given up their American Citizenship to stay one they marry. My children have dual Citizenship in Europe and the USA. I can not even tell you how many feet in an acre not in my line of thought, I asked in the legion last evening with about 80 persons in there and most like me did not even know what a section of land was, some thought it was any size lot your house was on saying this is my section of the neighborhood only one person who was raised in Arizona knew what a section of land was, Like Burt Reynolds said in the movie Smokey, how smart you are depends on what part of the country you are in.
            I believe i anything that works that is why I succeeded in business, I look at what is necessary to get the job done and what is needed to do it and take that route, anyone Conservative or Liberal who does not do that is doomed to failure. I do see a lot of spouting about Conservative causes but have yet to see Trump bring up one that will help the country recover from the recession any faster than Obama did.
            If your are the King of Norway you must wear well and you would know me like Harry and Sony do.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Joe Brake

            Your false allegation was that foreign students don’t stay here because the pay and job opportunities are better in their home countries, but the fact is that they do not stay because they are required to depart the US within 60 days after completing their studies, so any who do stay in this country are doing so illegally, and will be deported when apprehended. You made the false allegation that 69% of American college students studying abroad stay there and take permanent jobs, and now that you have been proven wrong, you have changed your position to say that “there are so many Americans working in these foreign countries”. The most likely reason is that these countries cannot find enough local people with enough skills to get the job done. After all, only 8% of the people in China ever attend college. A lot of the Americans working overseas are working for American owned companies. Koch Industries has 70,000 employees in foreign countries, many of them are Americans. I think it would be obvious that the Chinese students in America are not from the families who are living on the median family income of $2,100 per year. So what was your point other than to change the subject? Your original false allegation was that poor people are paying the vast majority of taxes in the US and that President Trump is responsible for it. You have also made the false allegation several times that federal income and social security taxes are only a tiny fraction of the taxes paid in the US, and that most of the taxes being paid are state and local sales taxes, which you claim are being paid by the poor. The fact is that for fiscal 2017 total federal revenue was $3.46 trillion; almost all from income and social security taxes, and total state and local tax was only $3.1 trillion including income tax, property tax, sales taxes etc. Obviously, most of that state and local tax was paid by the people who have the most money, with most of the state income tax and property tax being paid by companies and wealthy or middle class homeowners. The wealthy, the middle class and companies obviously pay most of the sales taxes also, especially since sales taxes are not paid on most foods purchased in supermarkets. There are 46 million people on welfare who pay sales taxes, and they get most of the money they pay those taxes with from the federal taxpayers who are supporting them. The poorest people are not paying most of the taxes as you have claimed, because they pay no income taxes very little property tax, and they get the money to pay sales taxes from the taxpayers who are supporting them to begin with. Virtually all the states which are collecting the highest state and local taxes are controlled by those social Democrats for whom you have expressed so much admiration. You don’t see the contradiction there, obviously. Furthermore, of the 34 OECD countries, the amount of sales taxes collected in the US is lower than any other country as a percentage of total taxes collected. Here are some examples of sales taxes collected as a percent of total government revenue in some of your favorite European socialist countries: First, the US is 17.4%, then Denmark 32.3%, France 24.1%, Germany 28%, Greece 39%, Ireland33.6%, Hungary 44%, Norway 27.4%, Sweden 28.6%, and the UK 32.9%. So, the least sales taxes are collected in the US, and very little of it by the federal government. Norway is one of those countries which does not permit dual citizenship, so your claim that your son has dual citizenship appears to be wrong also. As I said before, by repeatedly expressing your admiration for socialist democracies and your scorn for the fixed principles of the US Constitution, you have shown yourself to be a liberal progressive Democrat, beyond any doubt. The Constitution guarantees every state in the United States a republican form of government, and there is no such thing as a conservative Republican who believes in progressivism or in a socialist democratic form of government.

          • Munge

            Don’t worry it seems to me the colonel might be a bit on the dementia side of things lately he forgets normal people are taxed on their gross income not net income and he’s another rino too.

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