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White House insiders report Steve Bannon may soon be fired


Image Credit: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0

White House insiders report President Trump, hammered by criticism from the mainstream media over his handling of issues related to the “alt-right,” may soon fire Senior Adviser Steve Bannon.

Are these reports real, like when Trump loyalists Mike Flynn and Jason Miller were forced out? Or are they more Fake News?

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Bannon, one of Trump’s closest and most controversial aides, was already in a precarious position internally over what chief of staff John Kelly believed was his role in orchestrating a whisper campaign against national security adviser H.R. McMaster when the racial violence that broke out over the weekend revived scrutiny of his ties to the alt-right movement, several sources inside and outside the White House told the Washington Examiner. The riots in Charlottesville, Va., could accelerate Bannon’s exit from the White House or cement his demotion from the influential chief strategist post.

One source close to the White House said Bannon’s critics within the West Wing are “making their move” on him in the wake of controversy over the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday…

…critics of the White House have saddled Bannon with the blame for Trump’s slow response to the violence….

…Bannon currently faces what could be the most serious challenge to his role so far thanks to Kelly’s preference for McMaster and to the recent ouster of his closest internal ally, former chief of staff Reince Priebus.

It was Bannon, along with KellyAnne Conway, who took control of a foundering Trump campaign in 2016 and smartly focused it on winning key swing states, delivering the White House to Trump.

Would it be a mistake for Trump to fire Bannon? Let us know in the comments!

  • muymalo

    Keep Bannon, fire McMaster.


    You can’t get rid of the puppet master, the puppet would just lie there lifeless with all the strings tangled up. KellyAnne doesn’t have enough dexterity and strength in her fingers to work all those controls properly. We could be in even worse trouble!

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