Cartoons, Political correctness

To The Dustbin of Hysteria


The politically correct thought police are on a rampage determined to send down the memory hole as much history as possible and advance their left wing agenda.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share it with your friends.


  • BlueViolets

    And those of us who know history are doomed to be dragged down with those who refuse to learn history and therefore repeat it.

  • Robert

    The USA is probably the only country in the world who has a war and puts up monuments to the people who started the war and were the looser in the conflict, it would be the same as putting up statues of Hitler in Germany or other looser’s of the conflict. all it does is cause a lost cause to be carried on and persons suffer because the cause is carried on.
    People who support the looser’s of the Civil War are in most cases prejudice persons against blacks. I know from experience North Carolina is full of those that dislike blacks

  • oldwestman

    The South did not start the war Lincoln did, get your history facts straight. The south peacefully withdrew from the union but Lincoln told his troops to create a situation at fort Sumner and that is what started the war. The war was a war of independence for the Southern states.

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