There is No Collusion Possible on this Quiz


You can’t collude with Russia to do better on this quiz but that won’t stop the Left from demanding insane proof and making wild charges against you.

So, on your own, answer these five questions and join this long list of CRN readers who aced last week’s Quiz:

bob, KevinTuer, CGBritt, quiz1, Jud, Ken, Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, BonLovesFreedom, robert, ac, Ladylee, fake news, Clark Kent, Gayle Steffen, Udlose2me, My Quiz, Bertha, Smitty, Bijou, Randy, Boot, Jomama, Deborah, Fred W, Stanley G, Sugar pie, 119 oakwood, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz August 14-August 18 2017

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