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ESPN bans reporter Robert Lee…but not for the reason you suspect


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Photo credit: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain, https://pixabay.com/en/anarchy-riot-violence-brutal-force-152588/

ESPN’s reputation as a liberal, PC, Social Justice Warrior network just went nuclear.

But this time it appears they were the ones condemning Soros-radicalized liberals.

The Internet and conservative media went white-hot Wednesday when it was revealed the network was pulling broadcaster Robert Lee from its planned coverage of an upcoming University of Virginia football game because his name is similar to that of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Broadcaster Lee is Asian.

Many accused the network of pulling Lee because they were personally offended by his name. The network later claimed he was pulled to protect him from potentially mean Internet memes.

But the real reason may lie in ESPN’s original statement. The network told The New York Times Lee was reassigned “for his safety.”

That would imply ESPN feared there would be potential violence if Lee were to appear in Charlottesville.

Since it’s highly unlikely the “alt-right” would violently protest the presence of someone named “Robert Lee,” that leaves only one reasonable conclusion.

ESPN reassigned an Asian reporter because they feared liberal mobs would engage in rioting, and potentially even assault him.

After conservatives began pointing out ESPN’s “safety” excuse, the network scrambled to re-assign the blame to “memes.”

Liberalism is now a domestic terrorism movement, and even ESPN can’t avoid admitting it.

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