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SHOCK VIDEO: Soros-radicalized AntiFa savagely beat people at ‘anti-racism’ rally


George Soros can pour money into U.S. political groups for one reason — he went and got himself U.S. citizenship. But did you know he made one big mistake, and may have legally forfeited it? Click here to tell Congress to DEPORT GEORGE SOROS!

In this sickening video members of the domestic terrorist group AntiFa — supported and financed through a web of groups funded by George Soros — invade an anti-hate rally, pouncing on people like feral beasts and savagely beating them.

Watch as these Soros-radicalized terrorists hunt Trump supporters like animals.

  • Ima Barber

    When is the Whitehouse going to recognize this group for what it is and do something about it?

    • daves

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. The president doesn’t even seem to care about the terrorist Nazi’s and KKK.

      • Ima Barber

        You are wrong. He said he does not agree with those groups. He said there was blame on both sides and he is right. One extreme is just as bad as the other.

        • daves

          So he treated all three groups equally but you want something more for the Anarchists?

      • Dane A Wyrick

        People like yourself always trouble me so. You think that you are intelligent enough to validate your opinions but in reality you are just parroting rhetoric spewing from the sides of others necks.
        You rail at Trump about your own parties iniquities.
        First let’s clear the slate of your mislead uneducation.

        There are no such things as Nazi’s anymore. They are long gone and only a very small far fring group of idiots have tried to revive such ideology through the defined term of NEO. Otherwise just a small cackle of idiots seeking to be given a voice through platform erecting liberals. You create them, rail at them and th n cry foul as a victim.

        Second, the KKK I was founded and formed by Democrats. Their grand wizard a sitting democrat senator. In VA, they were there trying to protect a statue erected by demecrats l, calling protest against a republican senator seeking its removal.
        America has not supported the fringe of any party for a very long time and until the liberals gave them an elevated platform from where to shriek from, no one had really heard a peep from them or you for that matter

        The average liberal does even know what they are fighting for. They are just a bunch of butt hurt little kids who scream ” Look at me ” while the go down a slide.

        Careful what you wish for as your call against oppression is a two way street. As offended as you exclaim about the actions of others, others are offended by your screams.

        • daves

          What does the founding of the KKK have to do with the president’s response?

          I apologize for not saying Neo-Nazis but again it’s irrelevant.

          The rest of your BS is nothing but a bunch of whining. You don’t know me from this one simple comment.

      • Macjamm

        You are such an IDIOT!!
        I know you’re just trying to tow the Democrat talking points line…
        I should be encouraging you, I travel quite a bit, in and out of this country for my business and in my travels I find that people are completely amazed at the Democrat and the Liberal MSM’s depiction of Trump, They just can’t see what you want them to see, BECAUSE it’s NOT THERE!!!! I also find that a great majority of those I talk to are scared to talk about their support for Trump for fear some crazy violent LEFTIST Freak will attack them or their property, And believe me when I say its DamnNear everyone I can get to talk politics with me…..
        I think the 2018 and the 2020 elections will be landslides AGAINST THE LEFT!!!!!

        • daves


          • Macjamm


          • daves

            Yes sad, but mostly funny.

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