Debunking those Harvey ‘climate change’ claims


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As Saul Alinsky wrote in the book he dedicated to Lucifer, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Left-wing activists are taking that advice to cold heart, using the widespread deaths and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey to agitate for “climate change”  (definition of which depends on what type of weather is needed for the political narrative) policies intended to redistribute income.

They make three key claims.

1) “Climate change” is causing more hurricanes.
2) “Climate change is not causing more hurricanes, but is causing them to be more powerful.
3) Climate change is not causing more hurricanes, or causing them to be more powerful, but is causing them to dump more water.

Not only can leftists themselves not agree on what they call “settled science,” all three claims are easily demonstrable lies:

1) “Climate change” is causing more hurricanes.


In 2005, leftists predicted “climate change” would mean record numbers of hurricanes striking the United States.  The only record set in the years since then was years without a major hurricane striking the United States.  Harvey’s landfall broke a steak of nine years without a Category 3 or greater hurricane strike, the longest in the 130-year recorded history of U.S. hurricanes.

2) “Climate change is causing to hurricanes to be more powerful.

False.  Here is he average windspeed in miles per hour of Category 4 & 5 Atlantic hurricanes, by decade.

1960s: 151
1970s: 150
1980s: 151
1990s: 150
2000s: 154
2010s: 143

Not only are hurricanes weaker now, they are dramatically weaker.  From 1960 to 2009, Category 4 & 5 Atlantic hurricanes averaged over 150 miles per hour, with the by-decade average staying within a 4 mph range.  In the 2010s, they are seven mph weaker than the average and nine mph weaker than the previous decade, a sharp drop.

3) Climate change is causing hurricanes to dump more water.

False.  The NOAA reports Harvey rained, at strongest point, 3.2 inches/hour.

In 1994, the remnants of Tropical Storm Rosa rained, at max, 5 inches per hour in Southeast Texas.  In 1998 in Honduras, Hurricane Mitch maxed at 4+ inches per hour and a 1947 Florida hurricane rained 6 inches per hour.

The only reason Harvey is setting rainfall records is, while most hurricanes last less than 24 hours over an area, this storm has stalled, re-entered the Gulf and will re-enter roughly the same area again.  Had Harvey traveled at the speed and direction of a usual hurricane, rainfall would have been typical.



    The leftist libTURD democRATS can NOT even decide what “THE SETTLED SCIENCE” IS!!!!

    So why can’t they AGREE on ANYTHING in the “settled science” realm?!

  • daves

    I’m not sure who these “leftists” are that you are talking about but the science of global warming should come from scientists.

    P.S. Harvey dumped far more water than any of the hurricanes you mentioned.

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