This new poll has Mitch McConnell chewing off his nails


Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Millions of dollars in Beltway spending may defeat Tea Party activists in the Republican primary runoff for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, where crusading former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore faces incumbent, appointed, Senator Luther Strange.

A new poll finds the two are virtually tied.

GOP leaders and D.C. insider groups are backing Strange, who has pledged his loyalty to McConnell.  Moore vows to vote against McConnell as Majority Leader.

Al.com reports:

Pennsylvania-based Harper Polling said that its survey revealed Moore had 47 percent of the vote while Strange had 45 percent and 8 percent of those surveyed were undecided.

Moore has held the advantage in all four polls but the two most recent polls have essentially said the race is too close to call.

The runoff will be held on Sept. 26.  The winner of that race is all but assured of winning the November general election.

  • Tommy p

    Beat his ass! Send the RINOS a message!

  • DaveM

    This testosterone deficient pseudo-male, no gonads, needs to get his walking papers and leave. With luck he may trip on the way out!

  • golfnut6

    Vote out the incumbents in the primary elections. That’s way better than staying home or voting for Socialists.

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