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RACE OF THE DAY: Is the U.S. Senate ready for Kid Rock?


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Photo source: Pixabay, skeeze, CC0 Public Domain, https://pixabay.com/en/performer-kid-rock-music-683900/

A new poll shows incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow shouldn’t get Cocky, and could be in trouble All Summer Long.

That’s because polls show she could lose to Detroit resident Robert Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock.

But is he seriously considering running, or is just media hype?

The Hill reports:

The rock star — real name Robert Ritchie — would likely dominate the primary field if he entered the race and comes within striking distance of the Democratic incumbent in recent polling.

While most Republicans still believe a bid is unlikely, they are enticed by the prospect of a candidate with deep pockets and universal name identification.

“People know him — he’s an extremely strong brand in Michigan. He’s fought for Detroit, he’s fought hard for kids who want to go to his concerts, he’s fought hard for the working class, he’s a southeast Michigan booster through and through,” said Robert Steele, the Republican national committeeman from Michigan.

“If he were in the race, I think he would win. But I doubt we’ll see him in the race.”

…(a) Trafalgar poll found Ritchie with a 3-point lead over Stabenow in a general election matchup, while a Target-Insyght poll found Ritchie running 8 points behind.

But Kid Rock isn’t the only candidate in the Republican field.

Already in as an announced candidates are businesswoman and former Trump Michigan co-chair Lena Epstein, former Michigan state Supreme Court chief Justice Bob Young and Iraq War veteran and businessman John James.

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