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VIDEO: College liberal leader shot, killed after threatening police with knife


A campus liberal active in anti-police protests was shot and killed by officers Saturday night after threatening them with a knife.

Georgia Tech University campus police responded to a 911 call of a man with a weapon in a parking lot. There, Scout Schultz, head of Georgia Tech University’s “Pride Alliance,” was brandishing a multitool, which carries a variety of blades.

In video from the scene, Schultz, a vocal critic of police shootings, appears to have deliberately set up the encounter.

“Come on man, let’s drop the knife,” an officer pleaded with Schultz.

“Shoot me!,” Schultz commanded.

“Nobody wants to hurt you, man,” an officer responds as he backs away.

“Do not move” and “Drop it,” officers pleaded.

In all, Schultz was told 12 times times to comply and drop the weapon. Schultz instead demanded officers shoot him, before advancing toward them, forcing them to fire.

Schultz was shot once through the chest. He died hours later from the single gunshot wound.

The department calls Schultz’s death “tragic.”

Schultz, who along with his family identified as no gender and preferred to be called “them,” was a vocal critic of police officers, who he called “fascists.”

“Scout has been slightly involved with the anti-fascist community and had expressed a number of anti-fascist ideas to me,” his father Bill tells The Washington Post.

Bill Schultz seems to believe his son, who attempted suicide two years ago, deliberately set up the shooting to stir up opposition to police. “I tend to think that if there was a cause it might have been anger at the police over all the shootings and all the long litany of police shootings,” he tells the Post.

The family has already announced they plan to sue the police.


    The office should have said: Drop your multi-tool device that doesn’t have the knife extended or I’ll shoot

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Idiot, meet reward.

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