Hillary Clinton

Hillary is half right. One group of women abandoned her, but they weren’t white.


Credit: Gage Skidmore

Still seething over her loss nearly a year ago, Hillary Clinton now blames married white women for her loss,.

During press tours to promote her new book, Clinton claimed married white women turned against her because their husbands told them to vote for Trump.

Well, that’s not what the numbers say.  Exit polling broken down to the level of sex, race and marital status is hard to find, but there is plenty of presidential race exit polling broken down to race and gender.

First, according to CNN exit polls from both races, she did better among white women than Obama did in his 2012 victory. Among white women, Clinton lost to Trump by a 43 percent to 53 percent margin.  Obama lost white women to Romney by a 42 percent to 56 percent margin.
But Clinton is half right.  One group of women abandoned her, but they weren’t white.
Among white women, turnout between 2012 and 2016 was practically unchanged, but support for Clinton among white women was slightly stronger than for Obama — the opposite of what she claims.
Among black women, both turnout and support for Clinton was practically the same as it was for Obama.
Among Hispanic women, turnout for Clinton was the same as it was for Obama.
But among Hispanic women, support for Clinton dropped nine points compared to support for Obama.

Clinton 54-41 (+13) [53% of turnout]
Obama 55-44 (+11) [53% of turnout]
Clinton 43-53 (-10) [37% of turnout]
Obama 42-56 (-14) [38% of turnout]
Clinton 94-4 (+90) [7% of turnout]
Obama 96-8 (+88) [8% of turnout]
Clinton 69-25 (+44) [6% of turnout]
Obama 76-23 (+53) [6% of turnout]
  • olddawg1

    Hillary is partially correct. Her loss can be blamed on one married white woman. That woman’s name is Hillary Clinton.

  • TexasCoyote1

    I hope Hillary keeps on whining right up to election day in 2018. She has to be the best advertising the Republican Party ever had. The more she whines, the better the Trump Administration looks.

    She just knew she had this election rigged, and when the big city fixes weren’t enough to carry the day, she melted into a big grease spot.

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    OMG…LMAO!!! NOW we know what hitlery REALLY thinks of women…except for herself, of course. She is the ONLY woman that is independent and strong in her mind apparently. When will she simply GO AWAY!?! Cannot be soon enough for me.
    God Bless America, and MAGA!

  • Abacrombee

    Not only is this slang word for something that chases cars, she wouldn’t know the truth if she tripped over it and an idiot to round things out. I’m a white woman and my husband knows better than to try to tell me how to vote, nor would I try to tell him how to vote.

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