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RACE OF THE DAY: New ad slams liberal GOP senator, using Trump’s own words (VIDEO)


The race for the Republican nomination in U.S. Senate in Arizona is heating up after the Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate campaign released a new digital ad titled “Naming Jeff Flake.”

The ad features footage from the President’s rally in Phoenix where he criticized Senator Jeff Flake and Senator John McCain to the crowd of 15,000 but did not “name names.” In the spot, President Trump reiterates his recent attack against Senator Flake as being weak on immigration and weak on crime. The President also references the decisive vote by Senator McCain that doomed the so called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare.

“The President chose not to name names in Phoenix, but he didn’t have to. Every Arizonan in the room knew who exactly he was talking about,” said Ward who attended the event Tuesday. “Voters in Arizona are suffering because of the lack of leadership by our two Senators and they are sick and tired of it. That’s why our campaign to defeat Jeff Flake is expanding so quickly. Our citizens are simply fed up and want a conservative in the Senate who is willing to work with the President to advance the America first agenda they voted for last year.”

  • TexasCoyote1

    I don’t live in Arizona, so maybe I have no right to comment on the election of their senator. But, it does sound like Kelli Ward would be more proactive in helping to enact President Trump’s agenda. The only thing I’m interested in is the enactment of the agenda. It’s not the man, Trump, that I necessarily support, but his agenda turn this country’s decline around and get it going in the right direction. So, in that sense electing candidates in all the special as well as mid-term elections does directly impact me if those candidates will get the Schumer’s and McConnell’s off dead center and moving forward

  • lenn

    McCain….always a traitor. Vietcong songbird.

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