VIDEO: Trump announces biggest tax cut in history


In this video released this morning by the White House, President Trump announces his plans for massive new tax reforms.

Not only does he want to bring back to the U.S. trillions of dollars in investments forced overseas by leftist tax laws, he’s announcing the biggest tax cut in American history.

Watch for yourself. How much will you save?

  • Earl Rogerson

    Biggest Tax Cut in History for Billionaires and Corporations.

    • clem

      How many welfare recipients have ever created paying jobs?

  • Robert

    Those Trillions held in off shore accounts to avoid US taxes, any person who has a business knows that labor is your main expense and the cheap labor for this country went in the 1940s and that is when Industry started looking for cheap labor which they found in many countries, mainly China because they have the most people. What is going on in the USA is a repeat of what happened in Europe in about 1910 when the US was the cheap labor because of all the immigrants here and not much industry. There has never been a time in US history where tax cuts helped the worker for more than 2 to 3 years because of inflation, bur keep helping the rich until the next tax cut. That money will help the companies buy back their stock so they will make more money, making the worker even lower class with every tax cut. I always amazes me why everyone seems to look at right now never looking down the road to what is coming.

    • Joe Brake

      Your first sentence fragment, “Those trillions held in offshore accounts to avoid US taxes,…” ought to tell you that corporate taxes of 39.8% are too high in the US, and if they aren’t too high then why are the companies keeping the money off shore at this time? You said it yourself; to avoid (overly high) US taxes. The main reason you don’t want the money brought into the US and invested to create more wealth here, is because Obama and the Democrats aren’t going to get credit for it. All those European socialist countries which you are always praising have much lower corporate tax rates than the US, which has the highest corporate tax rates in the world, and no sane person would claim that having the highest corporate tax rates in the world is good for business. When Ronald Reagan came into office after Jimmy Carter’s four year disaster, inflation was at least 16% and climbing, and the discount rate was the highest on record at 21.5%. The corporate federal income tax rate when Reagan took office was 70%, and he first lowered it to 50%, and then 28%, thereby unleashing the greatest amount of new jobs creation in American history. However, due to global competition, higher social security taxes, higher state and local taxes, lower corporate taxes, overseas inflation, etc., the corporate income tax rate would have to be a lot lower now in order to induce businesses to invest in the US rather than elsewhere, or nowhere. In addition to lowering the corporate tax rates, Reagan also lowered income tax rates on all American workers, and I assure you that all the tax cuts were not cancelled out by inflation within two or three years as you claim. In fact Jimmy Carter’s record high inflation and interest rates were ten to twelve lower within two or three years, and they have never gone anywhere near that high since that time. With his economics degree from Wharton I would trust Trump’s ideas on the economy anytime before I would trust yours, Gubert. You do not even know the difference between corporate revenues and earnings, and you spent two days once trying to convince me that they are the same thing.

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