AMAZING VIDEO: Shooting with a see-through suppressor


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I don’t know YouTube user SmarterEveryDay, but he lives up to his name. In this video, he shows us exactly how a suppressor tamps down the sound of gunfire…

…using clear, see-through, suppressors.

Even for those of us who know how suppressors work, this is still really cool to watch.

And you have to love the company’s logo…

  • Dennis Yavorsky

    Two design changes for the clear version of the suppressor will make it more robust:
    1) Use Polycarbonate instead of acrylic tubes. It is a much stronger resin and far less brittle to impact.
    2) Cut the threads on outside diameter of the clear tube and match the threads on the inside of the metal end caps.
    For the examples of the tube and end caps. Drawings are available.
    Many regards,
    Dennis Yavorsky –

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