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PHOTOS: Who’s rigging guns to kill the owner?


Here’s another reason you should always inspect any firearm before using it.

Tap Rack Bang posted these photos of a shotgun, sold and shipped to a Virginia dealer, which had been rigged to KILL the person using it.

TRB writes:

A bad prank, a booby trap, or a strange set of circumstances? These photos are of a shotgun purchased online and shipped to a dealer in VA. The BATFE was notified when it was realized the receiver was modified to hold a pistol round aimed at the person firing the weapon. The weapon was loaded with a .380 ACP round. The trigger group obscured the round until the weapon was broken down for inspection. When chambering the shell the weapon would be cycled with the slide action bar coming into contact with the primer on the pistol round pointed at the shooter. It had marks from being struck but the round did not discharge. Had it fired it was aligned with the top of the pistol grip stock and would have possibly struck the shooter in the face. This is obscure but still a little scary.

  • Paul Hacker

    If there is no barrel for the bullet to travel down I doubt the .380 will even make it out of the stock. But the ‘bang’ might scare someone (assuming they heard it over the 12 going off.)

    • Michael Hardy

      If I read it right, the round would discharge from the slide being cycled, I assume at it’s most rearward point, so it wouldn’t go off at the same time as the shotgun round. Glad it was found

    • Douglas

      The firearm would have discharged the round upon opening the action for the first time. This action would have to be done before the firearm was loaded. Yes, a 380 would have enough energy to inflect a serious wound.

  • Renov8

    Some sicko out there needs to be hunted down and given a good beating…

    • Bill in Tennessee

      Ha! Beating? How about knee-capping BOTH knees, let him walk funny (if at all) for the rest of his miserable live?

  • Cal S.

    This could be staged, we can’t rule it out yet. Guess we’ll find out ultimately.

  • raz-0

    The receiver wasn’t modified. As pointed out in other discussion I have read on this, that hole is in the factory receiver.

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