Cartoon: Flipping Out


NFL players have said its it their free speech right to disrespect the American flag. NFL fans know they have the same free speech right to ignore these pampered millionaires.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • mthammer

    It’s already started after games And during half time when the players file out nd go to the locker room , fans are telling them just how they feel especially the players that knelt at the National Anthem. Players are giving the fans the finger telling them to go Truck themselves , it’s getting to the point when the fans are going to start coming out of the stands. When you have 50 players and their staff being guarded by event staff , they don’t have a chance when 10,000 plus fans , who have spent enormous amounts of money on season tickets , plus what they spend at the stadiums , are really pissed . Plans have been made at various cities especially in Seattle where one of the players Bennett was burning the American Flag in the locker room and the coach Pete Carol was cheering the guy on . Also plans at other venues like Pittsburgh , the Raiders , LA Rams , San Francisco 49ers , Cleveland Browns , Bengals , Dolphins , Philadelphia , Cowboys , Tampa Bay , Buffalo , when the fans take this right to the players in person players will pay a heavy price , they might get a few licks in , but facing more then 10,000 fans it will show them just how fans really feel about these Scum Bag Players that disrespect the American Flag and the Servicemen who cough and died for the Country. They are all POS and should be taught a lesson , keep your eye on the stands players , because your day will come sooner than you think .

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