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Conservative Leaders Call for Mitch McConnell to Step Down


It just keeps getting worse for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. A group of top conservative activists have asked the Senate’s five top Republican leaders to step down from their leadership posts. The pent-up frustrations boiled over on Wednesday, leading the conservatives to ask for a leadership house cleaning. The request is sure to further inflame…

  • steven

    The RINO Party is cutting its own throat!
    Term limits is the only way to get this country back on track!

  • lenn

    It’s past due for these “Swamp Rats” to get a real job (they wouldn’t last a week). Could it be that their Lobbyist Checks are larger than their taxpayers? Drain the swamp and start with McConnell and the traitor McCain.

    • chiphenry

      No, mistaken, unfortunately. They’ll sell their sphere of influence with their remaining friends in office. That’s how you can expect Luther Strange to go once he’s pushed out of the Senate shortly. Swamp creatures can’t be rehabituated.

  • chiphenry

    House and Senate have lied to US repeatedly. I know House of Congress will face significant changes this next election. The Senate has fewer than their usual 1/3rd up for election but following this next Congressional election they’ll see the heat in the senate too. When you can replace nearly every member of the house in a single election it won’t be long before we can tell the full Senate what Americans want in their leadership.

    • Joe Brake

      The Senate has 33 seats up for reelection in 2018, and 25 of them currently belong to Democrats, so the Democrats are at a major disadvantage next year.

      • chiphenry

        Thanks for saying. I thought this coming one only 30 were up. It gives us a chance to get true conservatives in finally.

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