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Illegal Immigrant Teen Suing to Get Taxpayer-Funded Abortion


An appeals court on Thursday blocked a federal judge’s order that the government take an illegal immigrant 17-year-old to get an abortion, or allow someone else to take her. The abortion was to take place on Friday or Saturday morning.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    How done can she be, she will have an anchor baby that would allow her to stay in the country. Besides dealing with PTSD concerning killing her unborn. How dumb. Someone educate this child and then lead her to the Lord.

  • Rosia Gregg-Lambeth

    Now does everyone realize why we need immigration control, no abortions, and a big wall?? What a horrific story, will someone give her books, pictures, information on BIRTH CONTROL, abortions and the legal way to enter the USA ??? I for one am tired of people working, paying taxes and paying for all the illegals and their medical, etc… Please, vote in the next election and vote for a republican who will not allow all this. Oregon voters voted in a woman for governor who insist that OREGON is a sanctuary state, we are not, she might be, so let her give her money to the illegals, and none of mine !!

  • Texas Belle

    When will this stop? We don’t owe this girl or any other pregnant illegal anything.

  • Loretta

    Why not the taxpayers in this country pay for everything else for these illlegals so why not abortions. And noow there will be more illegals coming in to have free abortions. This is sick

  • BonLovesFreedom

    This same story was on “Mother Jones” a couple days ago and I made the mistake of commenting. The posters were relentless in insisting this illegal teen has the Constitutional right to an abortion in the U.S. Absurd and amazing! Lefty loonies can’t seem to comprehend ‘illegal’ and that it is the U.S. Constitution meant for U.S. citizens. None could cite exactly where it states illegal aliens are included nor abortion is a ‘right’. Hard to believe, huh? But they continued to insist. Tiresome…and this American will not be revisiting “Mother Jones” anytime soon. It was kind of amusing to watch them go off on a tangent and reveal their ignorance and craziness though. hehehe Ship this illegal pregnant teen back to Mexico.
    God bless America!

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