No Bribe Will Help You With This Quiz


Although if you wanted favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department or Barack Obama’s Administration a bribe was the way to go according to a bombshell new FBI investigation.  So, to get favorable treatment for important matters of state, the cash bar was open but those kinds of blandishments won’t work here!

You’ll need to use your brain to get all five questions right and join this impressive list of supersmart patriots who aced last week’s Quiz:

Gerhard Koehlinger Jr., William Steffen, robnan, Clark Kent, Lollie24, E.T. USMC, BonLovesFreedom, CGBritt, M. Moore, leppymac, Lyn R., firedog, Tarzan, Bill Steffen, Lolly, alley, Jane, Ladylee15, tayboy42, Karl Pongracz, Sailboat1, Lyn R., Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz Oct 16-Oct 20 2017

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