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Gun grabbers pour cash into this law enforcement race, with an eye on YOU


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If you think the race for Virginia Attorney General doesn’t affect you, that’s why you’re about to have your guns confiscated.

There’s a reason George Soros is targeting these races.  State attorney general offices are laboratories for just how far gun grabbers can go, and since they both enforce and prosecute, few officials in America are more powerful than a state attorney general.

With that in mind, gun confiscation groups are pouring emergency cash into the race in the swing state of Virginia, where they hope liberal Attorney General Mark Herring can not only confiscate guns, but can be put in a position to take over a U.S. Senate seat in the near future — where he can cast the deciding vote on confiscating your arms.

Herring is already targeting gun owners in other states for arrest, voiding reciprocity agreements, which places gun owners nationwide under threat of arrest for traveling into Virginia carrying what they believe are legal firearms.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety—funded in large part by former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg—announced on Monday it would be putting an additional $300,000 behind Herring’s re-election bid, bringing its total commitment to Herring to $600,000. Everytown has also given a total of $1,100,000 toward electing Democrat Ralph Northam governor and $100,000 toward electing Democrat Justin Fairfax lieutenant governor.

“He is a political animal,” said John Adams, a former federal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s office running to unseat Herring. “He’s been playing politics with the law in Virginia and it’s just not right.”

“He’s an ideological warrior in the attorney general’s office. He’s got a strong ideology and he’s not afraid to use the power of his office to further his agenda.”

Adams said the support from Everytown is likely a result of Herring’s attempt to unilaterally void nearly all of Virginia’s gun carry reciprocity agreements with other states last year…

“Bloomberg was one of Herring’s biggest donors in the last election and then you saw him take this action as attorney general to void our reciprocity agreements for concealed carry permits with other states,” Adams said. “Given the fact that Herring did that in his first term, it’s not surprising that they’re coming back in with significant funding for him in the second go around.”

  • Clete Tacker

    People had better wake up. Some seem to fall prey to the deceptive false premise of so called “common sense gun laws”. The fact is there is no such a thing as a “common sense gun law”, criminals don’t obey the laws so the laws only curtail and restrict law abiding citizens, and the laws only slowly lead to the ultimate socialist liberal goal of no private firearms ownership. Look at Commifornia, DC, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts and others state’s ever shrinking list of “approved” firearms, yes, that’s right, “approved” firearms. Magazine capacity limits, semi automatic rifles, restricted pistols, bullet buttons, and now that is not enough in Commifornia, they want you to split the upper receiver from the lower receiver to load individual rounds or change the magazine on any very common AR rifle, actually, they are forcing it upon you, goes into effect 1-1-18 if I am not mistaken. Little by little people until the “right” has become a thing of the past. Wake up people. Ask yourself, are you willing to have your 2nd amendment right taken away anymore than you are willing to have any other right taken away.

    • BonLovesFreedom

      Thank you, Clete Tacker! Actually, CCW IS an infringement on our 2nd Amendment.
      Keep your powder dry and stay safe.

      • Clete Tacker

        Yes indeed, I do understand that the concealed carry laws are an infringement on our 2nd amendment rights. We certainly shouldn’t have to apply, pay for and be approved by a government entity to exercise our rights. Thank you for your response earlier. Glad to know there are others out there that understand and feel the same as I do. Stay safe as well.

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