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Donna Brazile reveals how Hillary Clinton rigged and bankrupted the DNC


Credit: Gage Skidmore

Donna Brazile is burning down the Democrat National Committee.

The former DNC chair is burning all the bridges in a new book, part of which was published Thursday in POLITICO.

Brazile is known to most as the Democrat talking head who leaked CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

But several months after losing her CNN gig over it, Brazile learned something about the Clinton campaign.

Before she had even gotten the nomination, the Clinton campaign was helping itself to the DNC’s funds — something they’re not supposed to do until after they are officially nominated.

A furious Brazile blames Clinton — and even Obama — for bankrupting the DNC and electing Trump.

Brazile first slams Obama:

“My predecessor, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had not been the most active chair in fundraising at a time when President Barack Obama’s neglect had left the party in significant debt…

“…Obama left the party $24 million in debt—$15 million in bank debt and more than $8 million owed to vendors after the 2012 campaign and had been paying that off very slowly. Obama’s campaign was not scheduled to pay it off until 2016.”

Then she calls out Clinton for secretly controlling, and helping herself to, the DNC’s finances before she was even the nominee:

“(Gary Gensler, the chief financial officer of Hillary’s campaign) described the party as fully under the control of Hillary’s campaign, which seemed to confirm the suspicions of the Bernie camp. The campaign had the DNC on life support, giving it money every month to meet its basic expenses, while the campaign was using the party as a fund-raising clearing house. Under FEC law, an individual can contribute a maximum of $2,700 directly to a presidential campaign. But the limits are much higher for contributions to state parties and a party’s national committee.

Individuals who had maxed out their $2,700 contribution limit to the campaign could write an additional check for $353,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund—that figure represented $10,000 to each of the thirty-two states’ parties who were part of the Victory Fund agreement—$320,000—and $33,400 to the DNC. The money would be deposited in the states first, and transferred to the DNC shortly after that. Money in the battleground states usually stayed in that state, but all the other states funneled that money directly to the DNC, which quickly transferred the money to Brooklyn.

“Wait,” I said. “That victory fund was supposed to be for whoever was the nominee, and the state party races. You’re telling me that Hillary has been controlling it since before she got the nomination?…

I kept asking the party lawyers and the DNC staff to show me the agreements that the party had made for sharing the money they raised, but there was a lot of shuffling of feet and looking the other way.”

Brazile, who was fired by CNN for assisting the Clinton campaign, was furious to later find out about the shady agreement.

Is she right to be angry?  Is she just trying to rehab her image?  Is she trying to sell a book?

Or is she tearing down Obama and Hillary to clear the path for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in 2020?

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Donna ~ Girl, you best watch your back cuz you done ticked off hitlery big time! oooooweeeee!
    God Bless America! MAGA!

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