Judge lets Bergdahl walk free, tries to blame Trump


Image source: Defense Department, Public Domain

U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl will serve no prison time for desertion, despite walking away from his post to join the Taliban and letting six U.S. Army soldiers die looking for him.

The Associated Press reports:

[Col. Jeffery Nance] gave Bergdahl a dishonorable discharge, reduced his rank to private and said he must forfeit pay equal to $1,000 per month for 10 months. The judge made no other comments…

…Bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and had faced up to life in prison. The judge had wide leeway because Bergdahl made no deal with prosecutors to limit his sentence.

Nance blamed Donald Trump’s tweets criticizing Bergdahl for the lighter sentence, claiming before the hearing “I will consider the President’s comments as mitigation evidence as I arrive at an appropriate sentence.”

There was no jury for Trump to influence and Bergdahl was arrested and charged prior to Trump’s election.

Bergdahl told the British media he was treated better by the Taliban than he had been by the United States during his military service.

  • Bonnie DeMoss

    Trump is the Commander in Chief. Can’t he fire this guy? And can’t this be overturned based on the fact that the reason for this judge’s ruling is bogus?

  • rnsr4Trump

    This is the most disgraceful disgusting JUDGE! These Obama/ISIS loving judges, ignored Obama’s statement while he was a president NOT a candidate calling this trash bag a hero, but dares penalize our Commander in Chief who called him accurately a traitor when he was a civilian! This shows just how corrupt the military has become under OBAMA, the apparent ISIS loving fraud leader who released Taliban leaders, paid ransom, and calls a traitor a hero.! GOD this nation is lucky to have TRUMP, & he should fire this judge & dishonorably discharge him! It’s completely upside down!

    • Robert

      Maybe you should read the Supreme Court decision about how a Presidents remarks effect Military or Judicial in this country. The Supreme Court said that remarks by a President are in fact Commands to his people both Military and Civilian courts, so once Trump said what he said, that means that the case can be thrown out for interference. The Judge did the best he could, to keep the case from being thrown out entirely, and may still happen on appeal.

  • crbob

    Six men died because of this traitor, the military judge must be a tool of Obama…..Bergdahl should be taken care of by those that survived his desertion……the best place for him would be Guantanamo…….

  • Ben

    It’s time for some good old fashion “military justice”!!! And yes you snowflakes, it’s exactly what you think it is.

  • Fred Worthington

    This judge should be hung along with Bergdahl and that miserable S.O.B. Obama.

  • Dale C. Long


    • Rodney Aho

      Sounds good to me

  • Frank W Brown

    I suppose double jeapardy will keep this traitor out of jail, but I wonder what Other members of the military have planned for him???

  • Ardvark

    Trump’s comments were made as a candidate, a regular citizen. This left over obamanite framed it as though it was as Cimmander in Chief! The military is unfortunately full of these type of people!

  • cordwinder

    Sometimes to much to drink is just not enough. This judge is a disgrace and should be sent to the middle east immediately as point man on patrol. SAD DAY FOR THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PLACE THERE LIVES ON THE LINE TO PROTECT THIS TYPE OF SCUM

  • twspears6007

    What a sorry turn of events a military judge Col. Jeffery Nance has turned out to be a liberal plant in our military justice system. His liberal bias was plain to see and the sentence of no jail time was a clear slap in the face and a miscarriage of justice. Bergdahl left his a post during a time of conflict or war and is a violation of the military code and called desertion of his duty that can lead up to a life sentence or in some cases even a death sentence Bergdahl pleaded guilty to this charge. His reason was he wanted to protest the way the Military Leaders and this Country was running this war. As a protester he could have resigned from the service and protested his case as a civilian not as a soldier of the United States at war with a known enemy the Afghanistan Taliban. This judge had no business blaming civilian Donald Trump it only shows this judge knew his sentence was going to liberal and wanted to keep Bergdahl out of Jail by misplacing blame on Trump by implying Trump was the blame based on Col. Nance’s biased revelation. There has to be a review of this case under a new judge. In my opinion Col. Jeffrey Nance deserted his duty as a officer of the court by not upholding the rule of law and justice.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    If any of this Muslim agents turn up under the failure to allow the travel ban, the congress should file charges on them for Conspiracy to Commit murder and Terror because the Constitution and Federal law that even Obama used to prevent entrance of such individuals. Let’s face it, the only reason they are doing it is their personal distaste of the President which is no reason to disobey the Constitution or the established federal law and this is clearly misconduct on the part of this judge and the other appellate judges which means they should be impeached.

  • GringoViejo

    Col Nance is a disgrace to the uniform that he wears and the oath he swore upon entry to the armed forces. Bergdahl is a traitor, deserter, and coward. Nance should be retired immediately.

    A board of review should be convened to assure that Bergdahl receives absolutely no veterans’ benefits and that any relationship he has/has with the Government is immediately terminated with prejudice. He should be forbidden to receive any compensation from books, periodicals, interviews, movies, or television productions related to anything regarding his military service.

    I don’t know what pay forfeiture Nance is referring to, but if it is in anyway provided by the Government, it should be totally forfeited immediately.

  • Sandra Angulo

    Is this judge a Muslim? Did Bergdahl convert to Muslim at some point before or after his desertion?

  • Shane C.

    So why didn’t you stay with the Taliban? I highly suggest you leave this country immediately for your own safety.

  • l2a3

    What ever happened to the Officer TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, instead of trying to push the blame on others? Someone needs to review her and her actions, because it is a civilian Political judgement and NOT US ARMY UCMJ! The JAG Corps with their “SHIELD OF SHAME” need to get in the Army and out of civilian mindset, otherwise get out of the Military.

  • Rodney Aho

    So go join the Taliban Bergdahl. We can do without your kind here and take Judge Nance with you . One way ticket for you both !!

  • Dale C. Long


  • redhorse1969

    get the rope now for the commie judge

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