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VIDEO: Dad teaches daughter about firearms and firearms safety.


She’s learning how to do it right. But do you think she should be learning at all?

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  • Ben

    “She’s learning how to do it right. But do you think she should be learning at all?”
    “Dad of the Year or White Supremacist?”

    Really??? What MORON wrote this drivel? “Doing it right!” would have been a more proper title and who cares whether you or anyone else thinks she should or shouldn’t be learning this at all. Do nothing and teach her how to be a victim. Yeah, that’s it! So to answer the question, “YES! Absolutely she should be learning this!”

  • myfordtruck

    I taught my children about gun and that they were not toys and as A hunter you don’t shoot unless you are going to eat except in self defense

    • Chi Sam

      Did you teach them how to pluralize most words by simply adding an ‘s’? That may be a more useful skill.

      • myfordtruck

        adding a s will not save your life but knowing how to use a gun can

        • Chi Sam

          A smart person can readily do both, stupid. What a ridiculous response.

          • myfordtruck

            you know what I don,t care what you think moroun and will not listen to some gutless wounder that hides his history so all I can say is that you are now blocked from replying to me

          • Chi Sam

            Yeah…clearly you do not care.

            I have no idea what “moroun” might be, but I presume nobody is so stupid as to get his own choice of slur wrong…but you did botch the simple word ‘wonder’.

            The word ‘wounder’ refers to a person that wounds, stupid, like I wounded your fragile ego, you whiny, sissy MF’r. Go punch your wife again…and have some more gin.

          • Chi Sam

            Yep…like all cowards, you closed your account when I unarguably demonstrated just how inept you are. Typical, that your last open post was chastising me for having a closed account.

            Thin-skinned, mouth-running fraud. I named your tune in one note.

  • l2a3

    Yes she need to know how to defend she self and others. Firearms are a tool just like a knife or ax. Was she taught how to use a manual can opener? If so where is the outrage? With your outrage, Nothing happened, so as adults accept in and move on. If this all you have to do, you are in a sorry situation, so get a life.

    • Chi Sam

      She self? The common word ‘herself’ is not in your vocabulary? Why the **** not?

      • myfordtruck

        what are you the grammar and spelling police and why do you and others like you hide yourselves I don,t because not scared people will find out who I am I am a white American whose Ancestors came late 1600 early 1700 and don,t hate anybody only thing I disagree with is there lifestyles and that is between them and God

        • Chi Sam

          You were born and raised in this country, and you cannot discern there from their. That’s beyond stupid…you ought to be ashamed of your illiteracy.

  • Kevin

    Excellent little video! (And wasn’t that cute smile at the end amazing?) It looks like she will be ready to take part in IPSC competition real soon!

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Dad of the Year! Excellent job, little lady…you go, girl!!! Next year you can practice at the range with your Dad.

  • Rodney Aho

    Yes ,she needs to learn to protect herself and others she has gun control.

  • Chi Sam

    ‘Empowerment’ does not mean the ability for a woman to defend herself. Empowerment means wearing silly hats, talking filthy, and having lots of abortions.

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