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VIDEO: Informant Says FBI Knew Russian Bribery in Uranium One Case


Just in case you missed it, a former FBI informant has offered proof that the FBI knew about Russian bribery before the closing of the Uranium One deal.

This means the Obama Administration along with Hillary Clinton were well aware of who was behind Uranium One before any decision was made and they gave Russia the uranium concessions anyway.

Oh and it must be nice for establishment figures under investigation to get a “special” status so the top chiefs in the FBI could control the direction of their investigation.

Don’t check your fake news media for any of this. They are too busy trying to downplay it.


  • Daniel F. Melton

    I am shocked to discover the corruption endemic within the obama administration and (in)justice department.

    Actually, knowing the available history of sotero/obama and the clinton crime cabal, I’m not.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    So what will happen to hitlery and dinglebarry? Charges, prosecution, and appropriate punishment? Hmmm
    Don’t hold your breath! Double standard for the ‘elite’ and politicians has become the ‘norm’. Disgusting to say the least and when conservatives are completely fed-up, it won’t be pretty. There is nothing acceptable about crimes being ignored by our judicial system.

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