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Rand Paul in pain with every single breath


(CNN) – The average person takes 20,000 breaths a day. Since November 3, my husband, Rand Paul, has not taken a single one without pain. He has not had a single night’s sleep uninterrupted by long periods of difficult breathing or excruciating coughing.

  • Downdraft 94

    This country is SICK!

    Rand Paul is a servant to us all in the Senate…now he experiences substantial pain regardless…regardless of his wishers of his physicians Rand Paul does his job, that which he promised to do…

    Now, the best the SICKOS ion the media can do in bringing forth the truth, is to go out on a search for SEX…SEX offenders …and news about them which I can only imagine would be designed to bring smiles to our faces, like “Boys will be boys”.

    America…we out here best get our heads out of the sand and call out the Liars and thieves that are stealing this country from us…letting them know their days in the swamp are numbered…

    America…look closely…are we run by responsible adults? Do we believe the filthy idiots that bring forth slime and crap to persuade us? What kind of persons seek elected office…are our expectations lacking in moral demands? Is this a joke, is that a “club” we worship and call it a “Party”?

    Running this nation properly takes skills, toughness, morality, God-fearing people (those of you who are offended by the words “God fearing”…TOUGH!), Patriots!

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