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Vendetta: Hillary and Her Allies Gang Up on Obama-Appointed IG


When Hillary Clinton and her allies were sure they were going to staff the next Administration, they made it clear they were going to hold grudges against anyone they thought crossed them.

And that list began with a former general appointed by President Obama who did his job when it came to Hillary’s email scandal.

Former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III was appointed to the job by the former President and began in January of 2016 to report on Hillary’s reckless use of a homebrew email server to Senate Republicans.

In January 2016, after McCullough told the Republican leadership on the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that emails beyond the “Top Secret” level passed through the former secretary of state’s unsecured personal server, the backlash intensified.

“It was told in no uncertain terms, by a source directly from the campaign, that we would be the first two to be fired — with [Clinton’s] administration. That that was definitely going to happen,” he said.

McCullough is one of the few people to have seen the most sensitive of the mishandled Hillary emails

“There was a very good reason to withhold those emails … there would have been harm to national security.” McCullough went further, telling Fox News that “sources and methods, lives and operations” could be put at risk.

Some of those email exchanges contained Special Access Program (SAP) information characterized by intel experts as “above top secret.”

McCullough immediately was pressured by Obama insiders, politicians and the Hillary campaign to downplay the matter and to cooperate in Hillary’s narratives.

McCullough said he was just trying to do his job, which requires independence. “I was, in this context, a whistleblower. I was explaining to Congress — I was doing exactly what they had expected me to do. Exactly what I promised them I would do during my confirmation hearing,” he said. “… This was a political matter, and all of a sudden I was the enemy.”

Check out McCullough’s appearance on Tucker Carlson tonight:

  • Things have a way of turning to s^÷t around the Clintons

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