• Big Government, Foreign Affairs, Issues, Soros, Tax

    Mike Lee Warns Trump About Taxpayer Funding of Soros Groups Overseas


    For eight years, U.S. foreign assistance was tied to a leftist political agenda rather than American interests, and it’s now up to President Donald Trump to correct that, Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday. Lee took particular aim at U.S. support during the Obama administration for the overseas work of nonprofits bankrolled by liberal billionaire George…

  • Crime, Immigration, Issues

    Office for victims of illegal immigrant crimes opens


    The Department of Homeland Security has officially opened an office that will provide quarterly reports on the effects of illegal immigrant crime. The office is called the Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime Engagement Office, or VOICE: The office’s main stated purpose is to serve as a liaison between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and victims and…

  • Issues, Media

    Trump lawyer may sue Fake Media outlet for phony Russia claims


    Back in January, uber-liberal “news” site BuzzFeed published a dubious dossier written by former British spy Christopher Steele claiming that Michael Cohen, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, conspired with Russian agents to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Now, Cohen is taking steps to sue BuzzFeed: Mr. Steele was paid by a Hillary Clinton supporter,…

  • Gun Control, Issues

    NSSF: $25 Million More to Anti-Gun Group Will Fund a Lot of Astroturf


    In today’s environment, with multi-millionaires and billionaires throwing money at politically motivated causes they favor, social media is being used to create the appearance that more Americans support a cause or political view than the numbers really bear out. This is not only deceptive, it is dangerous. Here is the full scoop from the National…

  • 2nd Amendment, Issues

    After you get a concealed weapons permit 101


    It is encouraging to see so many Americans obtaining their concealed weapon permit. These new shooters are supporters of the Second Amendment and have taken steps to be responsible for their own safety and security. Yet, in many cases, there are people among them that are armed with a deadly weapon but unable to defend themselves…

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