• 2016 Election, Elections, Issues

    Pot a Key for GOP in 2016?


    A large field of candidates lining up for the 2016 GOP Presidential bid means there will be a rush for candidates to stand out for each other. Breitbart News brings up medical marijuana as an issue with that kind of potential and how the particular politics of a key state may go a long way…

  • 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton

    Hillary, Warren, and the Taxman


    Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning. The Republican Party has an impressive group of presidential aspirants to choose from in 2016 ranging from Wisconsin’s accomplished Governor Scott Walker and Louisiana’s one man think tank Governor Bobby Jindal to freedom fighter Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco…

  • 2016 Election, Rick Perry

    Florida: GOP Presidential Crossroads


    Florida is shaping up as a key crosssroad in the 2016 GOP Presidential primary and Gov. Rick Scott finds himself in the middle of the increasingly contentious dogfight. Gov. Scott did not arise from the political machines of top tier statewide contenders Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio so Scott can maneuver when it comes to…

  • Economy, Foreign Affairs, Issues

    Did Adam Smith oppose fast track?


    “The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order [CORPORATE OWNERS] ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention. It comes from…

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