• 2016 Election, Elections, Hillary Clinton

    The full Hillary


    The deluge of news reports on Hillary Clinton’s, dubious at best, email and other activities, reminds those old enough to recall the Clinton Administration of the stench of corruption that surrounds the former First Family. Foreign governments funding the family foundation while the Secretary of State oversees deals with them, lost or hidden records and…

  • Congress

    Does Congress still matter?


    Congress is no longer an effective check on the Executive Branch. It is a radical assessment. Not one reached lightly, but it also happens to be true. What else can one make of President Barack Obama’s most recent usurpation of Congress’ constitutional powers, arbitrarily changing federal law and granting millions of illegal immigrants amnesty, and…

  • Immigration, Issues

    GOP Presidential Hopefuls Bend Against Amnesty


    GOP Presidential candidates have been sharpening their position against amnesty in the last few weeks a marked difference from previous contests. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently turned away from amnesty support “My view has changed,” Walker said. “I’m flat out saying it. Candidates can say that … I don’t believe in amnesty.” Florida Senator Marco…

  • 2016 Election, Elections, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul

    Walker Leads, Jeb Second in Latest Poll


    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s rise in the 2016 GOP Presidential sweepstakes continued with the release of the latest Quinnipiac University Presidential preference poll. Walker, the Wisconsin governor, polls at 18 percent, and Bush, the former Florida governor, is at 16 percent. The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, has New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former…

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