• Issues

    Liberal protester may have blown off her own arm in attack on police


    A New York City leftist may lose her arm after she was injured in an explosion while participating in protests of a pipeline in North Dakota. Protesters claim 21-year-old Sophia Wilansky’s left arm was blown apart by a concussion grenade fired by police. Police argue they did not use any form of explosive and Wilansky…

  • 2016 Election

    Liberals threatening to kill Trump Electoral College voters


    Legally speaking, the presidential election hasn’t happened yet. And that’s what death threat-hurling liberals are betting on, resorting to potential violence in an illegal bid to rig the Electoral College vote. One of their targets is 22-year-old Michigan Republican Michael Banerian, the Detroit News reports. Banerian has been inundated with pleas from supporters of Hillary…

  • Gun Control

    By this time next year your concealed carry permit could be good in all 50 states…if you even need one


    Donald Trump’s election as president could be the tipping point that finally gets nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity into law. Under such a law, every state must recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. But the Constitutional Carry movement, in which states allow citizens to carry concealed without a permit, provides both a danger and…

  • Immigration

    Liberal mayors enlist illegals in coup against Trump


    A President Donald Trump has vowed to deport between two and three million illegal aliens with violent criminal records. But now several big liberal cities are plotting to thwart his orders, by blocking their police officers from complying with federal law and offering themselves as a hiding place for illegals under deportation orders. “I want…

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