• Quizzes

    There is No Collusion Possible on this Quiz


    You can’t collude with Russia to do better on this quiz but that won’t stop the Left from demanding insane proof and making wild charges against you. So, on your own, answer these five questions and join this long list of CRN readers who aced last week’s Quiz: bob, KevinTuer, CGBritt, quiz1, Jud, Ken, Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, BonLovesFreedom, robert, ac, Ladylee, fake news, Clark Kent, Gayle Steffen, Udlose2me, My Quiz, Bertha, Smitty, Bijou, Randy, Boot, Jomama, Deborah, Fred…

  • Cartoons

    Cartoon: Heating Up


    The fake news media fan the flames of any situation and then get to assign the blame to their favorite target. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.  

  • Regulation

    Apple’s Whiplash-Inducing Hypocrisy on Patents


    iEverything tiny little company Apple (market cap: $820 billion) is in the midst of executing a unilateral war against Qualcomm. Apple Sues Qualcomm Over Patent Royalties: “Apple also wants back some of the billions of dollars it claims it was overcharged in ‘Qualcomm’s illegal scheme’ to control the market for mobile phone chips.” No, what Qualcomm…

  • Education, Issues

    Only 58 percent?


    College is supposed to prepare young people for the world. Students are supposed to gain knowledge and learn skills that prepare them for a career, while challenging their minds. Somewhere along the line that changed. Colleges have become indoctrination factories reminiscent of the Soviet Union, and this is influencing the IDEA of college. In fact,…

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